The best FFAR 1 Warzone loadout

Equip yourself with the best class setup for the FFAR 1 – Warzone's deadly assault rifle

The stock FFAR 1 assault rifle in Call of Duty Warzone's preview weapon menu

Looking for the best FFAR loadout in Warzone? The FFAR has been a staple of the Warzone meta ever since the Cold War weapons were introduced. The FFAR is listed as an assault rifle, but with the right set of attachments you can transform this weapon into something more akin to an SMG. Just like the other Call of Duty Cold War guns, the FFAR’s stats in Warzone make it an easy pick if it’s in your arsenal.

The FFAR was targeted in the most recent Warzone patch to bring the weapon more inline with other assault rifles. This is the second nerf to the FFAR this month, and yet this weapon still holds the crown as the best gun in the game. There is no other assault rifle in Warzone that features low recoil alongside incredibly quick movement speed when aiming down sights.

The loadout we’ve selected for the FFAR places it closer to the Mac-10 and Modern Warfare’s MP5, two excellent weapons that provide the FFAR with tough competition. If you’re looking for a gun that can handle taking down enemies at a point blank range and in close quarters battles, the FFAR is the weapon for you. To get the most out of the FFAR, check out our LW3 Tundra and the best M16 Warzone loadout to combat enemies from a distance.


The best Warzone FFAR loadout is:

  • Suppressor
  • STANAG 50 Rnd
  • Raider Stock
  • Serpent Wrap
  • Bruiser Grip

As a result of the April 6 nerf to the FFAR, we’ve replaced the Agency Suppressor with the regular Suppressor. The nerf to the FFAR impacts the weapon’s aim down sight speed, forcing players to decide what is more important: mobility or damage range. The Suppressor still provides the incredibly valuable sound suppression, but we lose the bullet velocity and effective damage range from the Agency Suppressor.

Arguably the biggest nerf to the FFAR comes in the form of the updated magazine sizes – the extended magazines now come with a large nerf to the aim down sight speed. If you need an extended magazine, the STANAG 50 Rnd is the only one we can recommend as the Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag’s ADS penalty is far too high.

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The iron sights on the FFAR are perfect for close range battles, allowing us to pick the Raider Stock as the fifth attachment. We can further increase the FFAR’s excellent mobility by equipping the Raider Stock which increases our movement speed while using this weapon. Another attachment we’ve gone for is the Bruiser Grip – the FFAR gains improved hip fire accuracy and faster movement speed.

The FFAR has dominated the Warzone meta for the last few months, and the Season 2 Reloaded update is finally attempting to knock this weapon down a peg.  If you’re looking for a strong loadout, pair the FFAR with the best AUG Warzone setup which lets you take on enemies from a distance and at close range. The AUG and FFAR may have been nerfed in the recent update, but these weapons are still completely viable with different attachments.

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