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The best Warzone AK47 loadout

You can't much more off-meta than with the AK47, but with a good setup it will do serious damage

Best Warzone AK47 loadout

While almost all Warzone guns are viable in the right hands, even the best Warzone AK47 loadout will prove challenging for players who are used to cruising to victory with the Grau. Poor handling stats, a small standard magazine, plodding rate of fire, and moderate damage all equate to a weapon that doesn’t really excel at anything. Sure, you can improve some of its most mediocre traits with the right attachments, but doing so will put a dent in the AK47’s few strong characteristics. But, where there’s a will there’s a way, and we’re confident we have the best Warzone AK47 loadout to secure a win.

There are a couple of ways most people choose to spec the AK47. You can either strip it down so it behaves like one of the best Warzone SMGs, but the recoil is too high to land many shots with, or you can build it into an RPK-like Warzone LMG, which will lead to hefty aim down sight times. We’ve gone for the latter approach, but with a couple of caveats that we feel make it genuinely viable.

With a number of content creators sharing their AK47 builds recently, we thought we’d join in too.


The best Warzone AK47 loadout is:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • 23.0″ RPK Barrel
  • Commando Foregrip
  • Rubberized Grip Tape
  • Tac Laser

This build turns the AK47 into a RPK, except without the giant drum magazine. While the standard 30-round mag is limiting when it comes to taking down more than one player at a time, it keeps the AK47’s mobility and handling stats in a healthy place. The RPK Barrel and Monolithic Suppressor improve the AK’s long-range effectiveness, while the combination of grip, laser, and grip tape will make landing consecutive shots much easier.

Feel free to try a few different grips with the AK47 as each grip affects the recoil pattern significantly, so if you prefer to handle horizontal recoil yourself then you might prefer the Ranger Foregrip. Another potential swap is to sub in a close-quarters stock for the Tac Laser, but we feel the Tac Laser adds more to the build while only occupying a single attachment slot.

This Warzone AK47 loadout is still pretty sluggish, so you’ll want the Overkill perk and a secondary weapon like our best MP5 build. Your first perk should be EOD to save yourself from as much horrid mine, C4, and RPG damage as possible, while we’d suggest bringing Amped so you can switch to your MP5 rapidly, whether that’s to finish off an enemy or just to transition between close and mid range easily. When you get the chance to claim a second loadout, make sure you grab the Ghost perk to keep yourself off any UAVs.

We find that nothing beats the combination of C4 and Heartbeat Sensor for dealing with buildings. The Heartbeat Sensor won’t reveal everything, but catching a blip on it will give you a huge advantage – pair it with the C4 and it’s great for punishing enemies who haven’t got their Ghost perk equipped.

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