The best CR-56 AMAX loadout in Warzone

Try out this great long-ranged assault rifle in Warzone Season 4

The stock CR-56 AMAX assault rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone's preview menu

Want to try out the best CR-56 AMAX loadout in Warzone? Despite the weapon’s recent nerf, the CR-56 AMAX is still considered one of the best assault rifles in Warzone. While it takes a lot of skill to use effectively these days, you can negate a lot of the recoil to make it an extremely powerful weapon.

In terms of handling, the CR-56 AMAX feels more like the Scar and AK-47, which might dissuade some players from using it. As the dominant assault rifle through much of Warzone Season 3, the developers have nerfed the weapon three times in order to bring it in line with the other guns. These nerfs have been relatively small in an attempt to keep the weapon viable. The AMAX has undoubtedly dropped off since its heyday, but it’s still worthy of being picked.

The headshot multiplier on the CR-56 AMAX is one of the main reasons to pick this weapon, providing even more damage for players with steady hands. The CR-56 AMAX is one of the few Modern Warfare weapons that can give the Call of Duty Cold War guns a run for their money.


The best CR-56 AMAX Warzone loadout is:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • XRK Zodiac S440
  • VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Commando Foregrip
  • 45 Round Mags

This loadout is pretty basic, but does three essential things for the CR-56 AMAX: extend the magazine, decrease recoil, and improve your long-range effectiveness. The Monolithic Suppressor adds the all important sound suppression stat, perfect for those top ten situations when need to avoid being spotted on enemy radars. This muzzle also comes with a buff to the weapon’s damage range, allowing this assault rifle to take on enemies from a distance.

The XRK Zodiac S440 barrel further improves the damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control of the CR-56 AMAX. This does hurt the weapon’s mobility, but it turns the assault rifle into a long range weapon. Now that the AMAX can safely fire from a distance, the VLK 3.0 Optic is an excellent scope as it’ll help to pick out any enemies running between buildings.

The last thing you want when going for a long distance shot is for your weapon to fly all over the place. For the underbarrel, we’ve gone for the Commando Foregrip to improve the recoil and aiming stability. Finally, the AMAX takes one last hit to its mobility with the 45 Round Mags. This is a worthy trade off as you definitely need the extra bullets, especially when fighting on Verdansk.

Considering the AMAX packs a punch but fires quite slowly, you definitely want to use this for fighting over long distances and keep a close-quarters weapon for your second loadout drop like our best Bullfrog loadout or MP5 loadout. Have you been through the Warzone red doors? These doors act as teleporters to a room filled with game-changing loot – read our guide to discover where these doors are located.