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The best DP27 loadout in Warzone Pacific

The DP27 is a pretty brutal LMG in Warzone with a delightfully unique-looking magazine. If you haven't given it a try yet, here's where you should start


With Warzone Pacific taking its battle royale journey to the new Warzone map, Caldera, a lot of Call of Duty Vanguard weapons are along for the ride. If you’ve been playing the WWII shooter, you’ll be more than familiar with them, but if you’re a Warzone purist, it’s about time you became acquainted with the DP27 – a unique and powerful LMG.

It’s an unorthodox-looking gun, the DP27. With a hefty barrel and a whole lot of range, this light machine gun is a fantastic option for loadouts where you’re using a close range SMG like the PPSh-41. While the DP27 can be customised to deal with close quarters encounters, this weapon performs much better when fired from a distance.

With your medium to long ranged encounters covered by the DP27, and anything closer than that shredded by your SMG, this loadout can utterly dominate in Caldera. There aren’t many better options, and the attachments we’ve picked offer a great deal of power for some surprisingly negligible downsides.


The best Warzone Pacific DP27 loadout is:

  • MX Silencer
  • Kovalevskaya 680mm B02D
  • 1299/Slate 3.25x Custom
  • ZAC S2M
  • M1941 Hand Stop
  • .30-06 81 Round Pans
  • Lengthened
  • Fabric Grip
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Fully Loaded

We’re not messing around with this DP27 loadout. Its mobility is hit pretty hard thanks to a whole host of attachments, but for what it’s built for, you won’t feel a thing. The MX Silencer removes your weapon from enemy radars when firing, allowing you to spray and pray as much as you wish. In addition, it boosts your gun’s accuracy, which is going to be something of a theme going forward.

How else are we going to cut down on our DP27’s recoil and boost its accuracy? Well, the 1229/Slate 3.25x Custom is a really nice choice here, offering accuracy along with a toggleable magnification level between 1.35x and 3.25x. It’s fantastic for the gun’s versatility, as it’s viable at different distances now – at a slight cost of aim down sight speed. Along with this, the m1941 Hand Stop underbarrel grip and Kovalevskaya 680mm B02D are the last pieces in the recoil control puzzle. They slow you down quite a lot mobility-wise but are well worth it when you’re rewarded with some laser beam accuracy and extra bullet velocity.

The ZAC S2M and Fabric Grip mean this gun isn’t completely cumbersome, offering a helping hand to your ADS speed without damaging the accuracy you’ve built up.

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Now, the big deal with the DP27 is its silly-looking ammunition magazines. Don’t worry, they won’t block your vision as you fire. In fact, the .30-06 81 Round Pans are a strong addition to your LMG. They boost your bullet velocity, damage per shot, ammunition capacity, and bullet penetration. It’s such a big bonus that you’re bound to have some downsides. The downsides are why we’ve beefed up this gun’s accuracy so much – you’ll lose out on mobility and recoil control, as well as your rate of fire. Overall though, your DPS will be just as strong as you keep hitting your targets.

We’ve gone for Lengthened ammunition because the extra bullet velocity makes the DP27 close enough to being a hitscan gun, and Sleight of Hand in the perk slot so you can change those hefty frisbee magazines a quickly and get back in the fight with your high-powered ammunition. What a delight.

That’s all for our best DP27 loadout in Warzone – the key to victory with this weapon is ensuring you’re switching it in and out at the right times. Staying on the move and breaching buildings with a stun grenade and your SMG secondary is a great method of getting constantly-changing high ground and vantage points to rain death on your foes with the DP27. Check out our list of the best Warzone SMGs to find the perfect weapon to pair with your LMG.