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How to open the Fortune’s Keep golden vault in Warzone

Unlock a secret stash of loadouts and loot in Warzone by claiming your throne and finding your way into the golden Fortune's Keep vault.

The Fortune's Keep vault door in Warzone resurgence.

Want to open the secret Fortune’s Keep golden vault in Warzone? The pint-sized Fortune’s Keep map has returned in Warzone Season 2, along with a few sneaky secrets and easter eggs for new and returning players to enjoy.

We can’t remember a time when Call of Duty Warzone featured so many secrets to uncover. You can find a Zombies Ray Gun in Warzone, get every single Zombies mode power-up in the battle royale game, and unlock a huge vault full of loot — and it’s the latter that we’re guiding you through here. Get ready to drop in, take your rightful seat on the Fortune’s Keep Throne, and you’ll be unstoppable.

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How to open the Fortune’s Keep golden vault

There are two stages to entering the vault in The Keep. First, you must unlock the secret throne room staircase. Then, complete a puzzle to unlock the vault door.

To enter the Fortune’s Keep vault, follow these steps:

  • Drop into The Keep POI.
  • Enter the double doors from the central courtyard.
  • Light the torches on either side of the Fortune’s Keep throne.
  • Crouch on the throne, wait for the floor to open and descend the stairs.
  • Pick up a thermal grenade from the room and throw it at the door of the vault.
  • Make note of the notches that turn red.
  • Light only the torches around the room that align with the red notches.
  • Enjoy your riches.

Inside the vault itself, you’ll be able to pick up your favorite loadout, alongside powerful Warzone guns, lethal equipment, and killstreaks.

Of course, everyone is going to be vying for this loot now the information is out there, so you’ll have to keep your wits about you as you drop in. Get there late, and the vault may already be open for you — you never know, there may be something left to take.

Use the Fortune’s Keep vault to get yourself set up with your best Warzone loadout early in the game is sure to put you on a good footing to get ahead for the rest of the match. Use this to level up your Warzone and MW3 battle pass fast to unlock the new guns in Warzone Season 2. Finally, get ahead of the competition by learning the other new Warzone map POIs.