Call of Duty: Warzone meta upturned by “glitched” sniper rifle loadout

The Call of Duty: Warzone meta has potentially been disrupted once again, as a “glitched” sniper rifle loadout adds awesome TTK power to the FPS battle royale

Call of Duty: Warzone meta: a soldier in a skull face mask fires an assault rifle while a fire rages behind them'

The Call of Duty: Warzone meta is facing another possible disruption as a so-called “glitched” sniper rifle loadout allows for quickfire, one-shot kills in Raven Software’s FPS battle royale, definitely something to experiment with as we wait for the Modern Warfare 2 beta release date.

The Type 99 can do 300 damage, an effective one-shot kill, if you hit enemies in the chest from any distance less than 64 metres. Obviously this also applies to the head, but the Type 99 is also stronger than one of its closest competitors, the Kar 98k, when it comes to limb shots. Hit your opponent in the leg with the Kar, and you can expect around 95 damage. With the Type 99, however, leg shots can score between 128 and 143, almost enough to kill an enemy in two shots.

Likewise, a shoulder shot from the Kar 98 will land 95 damage, but from the Type 99, it’ll score a whopping 174. If you want to score big damage, and quickly, the Type 99 is the Warzone sniper of choice right now, although there are still some other great options from our guide to the best sniper Warzone loadouts.

The data comes from YouTuber IceManIsaac, whose video on the Type 99 describes the sniper rifle as “glitched”. “Legitimately,” IceManIsaac explains, “it [the Type 99] is a broken gun. They have patched this in the past and somehow it got reverted.” The YouTuber also speculates that the Type 99 may soon be patched again, advising Warzone players to “enjoy it while you can”.

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