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Call of Duty: Warzone patch fixes infinite stim glitch - again

A range of other, more minor issues are also addressed

The latest patch for Call of Duty: Warzone has gotten ridden of the infinite stim exploit that re-emerged at the start of Season 1. The update also fixes some other outlying issues in the battle royale game.

Warzone developer Raven Software provided a list of all the main points of the patch on Twitter, starting first and foremost by removing the ability to reuse tactical items over and over. The maneuver was allowing players to keep restoring their health using stim packs, meaning someone could just sit outside the circle constantly healing themselves as the remaining opponents were eventually killed by the shrinking safe area. The exploit was patched out before, and was since rediscovered, hopefully for the final time.

Equipping max Cold War weapon level attachments, players getting stuck when accessing loadout drops, and being prevented from seeing Match Summary screens or getting Seasonal Challenge progression are among the other fixes. An “unlocks at random level” visual quirk has been fixed, so you can see the proper, fixed level everything unlocks at.

Raven Software has been on the backfoot with glitches since the start of Season 1, an invisibility bug led to the attack helicopter being removed this week. That said, given the FPS game cracked over 85 million players this year, it’s no wonder these unintended strategies are coming to the fore.

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