Warzone XP farm discovered in King Kong’s testicles

Using some expert helicopter piloting, a Call of Duty player has figured out a way to manoeuvre up to King Kong's undercarriage for tons of Warzone XP

King Kong, lit by firelight, snarls at the camera, possibly because of a Warzone XP farming location someone found between his legs.

Judging from the ads that run in popular podcasts, it seems clear that personal grooming is something we all need to be more diligent about. That goes at least double for King Kong, who’s been tearing it up with Godzilla during Call of Duty: Warzone’s Operation Monarch. Fortunately, a brave player has worked out how to do some necessary pruning on Kong’s family jewels – and earn a big pile of Warzone XP for the battle royale game to boot.

Redditor Mundoschristmas posted a video of the stunt to the Warzone subreddit. The clip shows King Kong’s large, hairy legs, with an attack helicopter cautiously hovering between them. The chopper’s rotor blades are wide enough to just graze Kong’s inner thighs, and each time one makes contact, the pilot earns more Warzone XP.

As Charlie Intel notes, getting into this position with your flying trimmer is no mean feat. King Kong is rather famously annoyed by aircraft, and in Warzone, he’s usually pretty quick about batting them out of the sky. Considering what’s just happened, it’s hard to blame him.

You’ve got until May 25 to try this tricky aerial manoeuvre out for yourself. Our list of the best Call of Duty: Warzone loadouts for Season 3 can help you make it to the chopper, but after that you’ll need to rely on wits and extremely steady nerves.