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Prime subscribers can grab one of the best medieval games for free

Chivalry 2 is one of the free games included with your Amazon Prime subscription, and it's one of the best first-person knight games we've played.

Chivalry 2 Steam release is confirmed - and it's out now

There’s a dictionary definition of the word “chivalry,” and then there’s Chivalry 2‘s concept of it, which involves less “helping the weak” and a lot more “hitting people with sharp metal objects.” If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can claim a free copy of Chivalry 2 as part of your Prime Gaming benefits for the next two months.

Chivalry 2 is a first-person medieval game completely dedicated to chaotic combat across wide fields of battle. Up to 64 players can participate in each match in several game modes, but the idea remains the same throughout: the pointy end goes into the other guy. That’s true whether you’re playing as a noble knight, an eagle-eyed archer, a loyal footman, or a swift but fragile vanguard.

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There are the usual multiplayer modes, like team deathmatch and free for all, but Chivalry 2 also includes a few more thematic round types, including burning villages in the team objective mode, last man standing, and arena. There’s also a “brawl” mode in which standard weapons like swords and bows are traded in for basically anything that isn’t nailed down. Sure, you could punch your enemy, but it would be a lot funnier to cover them in bees.

Head over to the Prime Gaming page to grab your copy of Chivalry 2, which will activate on the Epic Games Store.

If you’re ready to dive in, check out our Chivalry 2 beginner’s guide to help get your bearings. If you don’t have a Prime subscription, don’t worry – check out our list of the best free Steam games instead.

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