Chivalry 2 Steam release arrives in June, with cavalry

The Chivalry 2 Steam release is set for June 12, and it'll coincide with the launch of its biggest update yet, the Tenosian Invasion

Three masked, mounted warriors charge through a city gate in the Tenosian Invasion, which launches June 12 with the Chivalry 2 Steam release.

Chivalry 2, the multiplayer Monty Python simulator that lets you catapult yourself and your best friends into enemy castles to lop off the heads and arms of your opponents, is finally coming to Steam. The Chivalry 2 Steam release date is set for June 12, just over a year after the absurdly violent medieval game first arrived on PC via the Epic Games Store.

The Steam launch of Chivalry 2 coincides with the game’s biggest update yet, dubbed the Tenosian Invasion. This update will add four new maps, a new mounted combat system, and a new faction. Of course, there’s also a new raft of weapon skins and armoury items coming with the update, too.

While the similarly themed Mordhau allows for a more skill-based and technical approach to combat, editor Jordan Forward felt that it’s Chivalry 2 that reigns in terms of sheer spectacle. Developer Torn Banner Studios has leaned into that side of Chivalry 2 in the year since launch, adding a wild new arena mode, the ability to steal pigs, and weaponised bees.

Here’s the trailer:

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Two new Team Objective maps and two new Team Deathmatch maps are part of the Tenosian Invasion update. The Breach of Baudwyn has Tenosian forces breaking through a Mason-controlled bulwark using siege equipment, and the Razing of Askandir features the Masons invading a Tenosian port with an eye toward destroying the lighthouse and burning down the ancient library.

In the Charge of Wardenglade, the standard open-field battle is upgraded with the addition of horse combat, and Desert features a brawl on the outskirts of Baudwyn in the dead of night.

Our Chivalry 2 beginner’s guide can help get you combat-ready for the Steam launch.