If you want to play Counter-Strike 2, Valve might have good news

Counter-Strike 2 hopefuls have cause to celebrate, as Valve sends out more CS2 limited test invites and asks for bug reports, as the Steam shooter nears launch.

Counter-Strike 2 invites: A soldier in tactical gear holds a shotgun in Valve FPS game CSGO

Counter-Strike 2 dreamers, hopefuls, and would-be players, this might be your day. So far, the CS2 limited test has seemingly only reached a small number of the CSGO ultra-faithful. But with the FPS game nearing launch, and everyone awaiting the Counter-Strike 2 release date, Valve has sent a whole-new wave of player invites. The Counter-Strike 2 creator is also seeking more bug reports and feedback, as the long, long, long-awaited Steam shooter continues its trial period.

The latest Counter-Strike 2 update sees the return of 2v2 and an overhauled version of good ol’ Overpass, while Nuke and Office have temporarily been removed. The latest Counter-Strike 2 patch notes also fix an issue whereby doors interfere with bullet hit registration and also, just like we’ve always wanted, add “sounds to potty doors.” Finally, CS2 is ready to ship.

With all this new material on offer, more long-term CSGO players are likely aching for a turn with CS2, and as of Tuesday, July 18, they might finally have their chance.

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Valve confirms that “more limited test invites are going out,” and also encourages new Counter-Strike 2 players to report any bugs they encounter via email. In terms of bugs, there’s a pretty frightening one connected to the Medi-Shot. Otherwise, if you’ve been lucky enough to get into Counter-Strike 2 this time around, keep your eyes peeled for the wallbangs.

“If anybody has any issues to report in Overpass and Vertigo, please send them to cs2team [at] valvesoftware [dot] com and title your email ‘CS2LT Bug,’ followed by a brief description of the bug,” Valve 3D artist Lydia Zanotti says.

Counter-Strike 2 invites: A tweet from Valve advertising more invites to FPS game Counter-Strike 2

It’s difficult to measure how many people have access to Counter-Strike 2 currently, with invites allegedly sent to prominent content creators, esports players, and individuals with a high number of hours in CSGO. On that point, CSGO has recently seen a massive concurrent player surge, hitting an all-time peak of 1,818,773 in May. We’ve also seen some volatility in the CSGO skin market following a suspected bug in the Steam marketplace.

Whether you’ve been granted access to CS2 or you’re still waiting, check out the full Counter-Strike 2 system requirements that we expect Valve to announce. You might also want to take a tour of all the Counter-Strike 2 maps, to familiarize yourself with the revamped versions of the old classics.