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CS:GO’s Broken Fang Premier mode is now unlocked for all players

CS:GO's ongoing operation wraps up on April 30

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Operation Broken Fang ends soon, but before then Valve is giving all of the FPS game’s a chance to send off the op in style. The developer has announced it’s now unlocked Broken Fang’s Premier mode for all CS:GO players, which means those who don’t have the premium operation pass can get access to some previously exclusive features for the op’s remaining time live.

“Today we are opening up Broken Fang Premier to everyone,” Valve has posted on the multiplayer game’s site, explaining – for those that might need a refresher – that this mode “introduces a pick/ban phase to the start of a competitive match, allow[ing] players to test their mettle across the entire Active Duty map pool”. The mode features 5v5 competitive matchmaking, and you’ll get to select and ban maps and pick out your starting side before getting stuck in to score 16 round wins.

Now, these options are free for all players to try out for a limited time. Broken Fang wraps up exactly one month as of writing (April 30), so if you don’t own the operation pass, you’ve got until then to try these features out for the first time.

Valve also reminds players that do own the pass that they’ve got until the above date to get the op’s missions completed, stars collected, and operation shop rewards redeemed. You can check out details on the latest (and final) CS:GO Broken Fang weekly missions here if you’re keen to get them finished.

Valve has also posted the latest CS:GO patch notes which, alongside a could of very brief miscellaneous changes, explain: “Operation Broken Fang Passholders will play in Prime Account Status queue when matchmaking for Broken Fang Premier”. Check out our CS:GO smokes and CS:GO tips guides if you’re looking for some handy pointers.