This fan-made CS:GO map lets you play hide-and-seek in a swish and sneaky pad

There's a neat new hide-and-seek house for CS:GO on the Steam Workshop

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The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive modding community has been busy lately. We’ve very recently reported on a very handy fan-made CS:GO training map that helps you nail your aim and movement as well as a complete ‘Bloodsport’ CS:GO skin line, five years in the making. Now, another community treat has caught our eye, in the form of a neat new hide-and-seek map.

Simply called ‘Hide-and-Seek House’, modder S224’s new community creation sees you and some CS:GO-loving buddies head into a house – a little reminiscent in places of a GTA V Vinewood-style pad – for a good few rounds of, well, hiding and seeking. “There are lots of cool hideouts and passages on the map,” the creator says, adding that they “tried to make every element on the map perfectly finished the way I wanted”. Oh, and they tease that there’s “one interesting place worth seeing” in it. Hmm.

As you can see in the preview clip below, from the outside the place looks like a regular – if relatively swish – residential pad, with gardens, a garage, (empty) pool, and even a jungle gym.

In its depths, however, is a bunch of places to sneak through, like trapdoors, a basement filed with wine barrels, even what looks like some kind of underground sewer area (perhaps that open manhole outside is the way in). Take a look:

YouTube Thumbnail

It’s a really attractive map and looks like a great spot for a few rounds of hide-and-seek with some pals. It’s also got some positive responses from the FPS game’s community on YouTube and the Steam Workshop so far, so might be worth a go.

If you’re keen, you can grab it from the Steam Workshop here (as ever, mod with caution!). If you’re a fan of Valve’s shooter, you can also check out our CS:GO tips and CS:GO smokes guides for some helpful pointers.