Action RTS Crossfire: Legion Early Access postponed to May

Developer Blackbird Interactive says it needs more time to incorporate feedback from technical betas before Crossfire: Legion is ready for its Early Acces

Yellow-accented aircraft bombard red team units on a wide dirt road in RTS game Crossfire: Legion

Crossfire: Legion, the streamlined, action-heavy RTS game based on the hit Korean free-to-play shooter, will hit Early Access on Steam May 24. The Early Access launch date had originally been planned for April, but developer Blackbird Interactive says it decided to push the launch back in order to incorporate more of the feedback it’s gathered during Crossfire: Legion’s betas.

“Delayed, but don’t be dismayed, there are good reasons for this,” the developer says in a new Steam post. “This is a tough call, but we have had such a wealth of feedback from players during our technical test and demo that we can now more comfortably implement these changes. This ranges from squashing bugs to optimising graphical performance.”

Another free test period had been planned for April 21, but Blackbird has cancelled that in light of the delayed Early Access launch. “Our current priority is getting the game ready for Early Access,” the developer says. “Once that’s released we can assess the possibility of a platform for free tests afterwards.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Crossfire: Legion, you can check out our hands-on preview from back in January. It’s a loving throwback to RTS game classics like StarCraft and Command and Conquer, with less emphasis on intensive micromanagement and more on bombastic battles.

Blackbird notes that its developers, like many fans eager to play Crossfire: Legion, are looking forward to checking out Dune: Spice Wars and Galactic Civilizations IV, which both will be coming out on Crossfire: Legion’s original Early Access launch date of April 26.

In the meantime, Crossfire: Legion’s Steam page is live now, so you can add it to your wishlist if you’d like a reminder when Early Access becomes available.