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Dead by Daylight flashlights axed until devs resolve survivor exploit

Dead by Daylight just released a Kill Switch update aiming to end a popular DBD survivor exploit as devs disable flashlights and perks.

Dead by Daylight flashlights: Scream killer holds a bloody knife up, wearing his iconic mask

Dead by Daylight is one of those horror games that absolutely stays winning as Behaviour Interactive steadily releases updates fighting bugs and player exploits. The most recent Kill Switch master list change details a variety of features and perks disabled in Dead by Daylight in order to resolve a popular survivor exploit. This means that if you’ve experienced it or have even used the technique at some point to become invincible yourself, you won’t be encountering it anymore. Killer mains in DBD, rise up. Now’s your opportunity!

If you’re not yet familiar with the Kill Switch system in DBD, every once in a while Behaviour Interactive disables in-game features to try and combat gameplay issues and exploits. These adjustments are temporary, lasting only until the developer rebalances everything and ensures fair play between fans. For example, Mastermind was disabled previously due to bugs.

The dev’s post detailing the current issue and new Kill Switch update reads, “We have temporarily disabled flashlights and a handful of perks which could be used to acquire them while we work to resolve an exploit.” Thus far, flashlights are definitely the most significant removed feature. The few perks that are temporarily disabled include the appraisal perk, dramaturgy perk, and residual manifest perk.

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For those unfamiliar with the survivor exploit the devs are combating, you could become invincible by using a flashlight upon opening a locker in-game. This seriously hindered DBD killers‘ efforts, making it impossible for them to win.

With a possible Dead by Daylight perk randomizer in the works, it’s great to see devs taking the balance between survivors and killers, as well as player exploits, so seriously. Behaviour Interactive has not yet given a precise date or an estimated time for the Kill Switch reversal, but the removal of flashlights and perks isn’t permanent by any means.

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