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Dead Island 2 Curtis garage key location

The Dead Island 2 Curtis garage key isn’t strictly necessary, but taking the time to locate it also bestows you with one of the best perks in the zombie game.

Curtis Sinclair sits in his stairlift brandishing his shotgun and wearing an ornate pink dressing gown shortly after you acquire the Dead Island 2 Curtis garage key.

Struggling to find the Dead Island 2 Curtis garage key? The rich and famous of Hell-A have plenty of valuables strewn around their lavish homes, but the crème de la crème are typically locked up tight. Thankfully, a closed door is no match for your chosen slayer – all you need is a strong kick and a good guide.

Unlike his safe key, Curtis’ garage key can be located fairly early on in Dambuster’s zombie game, during your very first stop at Sinclair’s mansion. It also doesn’t require you to go up against any fearsome zombies or bosses, though we would recommend brushing up on your Dead Island 2 skills regardless. Once you’re prepped, here’s where to find the Curtis garage key in Dead Island 2.

The outside of the garage containing the Dead Island 2 Curtis garage key, partially blocked by two cars.

Where to find the Dead Island 2 Curtis garage key

The Dead Island 2 Curtis garage key is located inside the Sinclair mansion’s garage itself, which means you need to look for an alternative method to gain access. Approach the garage roller doors and hit the switch mounted on the wall. As the garage door begins to open, swiftly take out the two zombies standing on the other side of the shutters by igniting the fuel canister to their left.

Once the flames die down, enter the garage and kick the crates blocking the gap in the wall on the right-hand side. Crawl through to the other side of the garage and pick up Curtis’ garage key on the workbench. You can also find the Reinforced Dead Island 2 blueprint, one of the best perks available.

The inside of the garage containing the Dead Island 2 Curtis garage key, stacked with crates, barrels, and tins of paint, with a small gap to squeeze into the other side.

Use Curtis’ garage key to unlock the door by the workbench and continue on through the mansion. The key has no other use, but it does teach the valuable lesson that you don’t always need a key to strike it rich in the satirical RPG game.

If you’re on the hunt for more upgrades to your loadout, be sure to make a stop at Bel-Air’s very own content house and pick up the Dead Island 2 Goat Pen master key. It’s also worth stocking up on Dead Island 2 fuses while you’re at it. Finally, check out our guide to Dead Island 2 Steam Deck compatibility if you’re looking to take this sun-drenched gorefest on the go.