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Dead Space remake has a gross new necromorph ‘peeling’ system

The Dead Space remake coming next year has a newly added 'peeling system' to make the disgusting necromorph enemies even more disgusting than ever before

Dead Space remake peeling system: A misshapen mutant necromorph with its head nauseatingly dislocated and protruding from the left side of its chest

The developers behind the upcoming Dead Space remake have unveiled a new trailer that shows off some of the enhanced features coming to the rebuilt horror game. When the Dead Space remake release date arrives in January, get ready to experience something called ‘the Peeling System.’

While on board the USG Ishimura, Engineer Isaac Clarke has what has to be the worst day ever, thanks largely to the enemies called necromorphs that have taken over the ship. These things are mutated dead bodies, which is fairly disgusting as it is, and now there’s a new peeling system that apparently makes them even grosser.

Developer EA Motive says it’s “rebuilt” the necromorphs around this new peeling system, which is basically layers of bones, tendons, and flesh that will break, rip, and tear depending on which of Isaac’s tools you have aimed at it. EA Motive says this allows for “increased creativity” in the ways you can approach each necromorph encounter but doesn’t provide any more details about what this might mean – and just as well, because there really is no pleasant answer.

Here’s the new trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The Dead Space remake also adds a new intensity director to keep you on your toes, as well as new voice acting for the formerly silent Isaac courtesy of Gunner Wright, who played Isaac in Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.

There are also no loading screens or cuts in the Dead Space remake – the Ishimura is “fully interconnected,” so you’ll never be stuck waiting for an area to load in while on the tram.  However, this’ll likely require you to arm your PC with an SSD, in addition to your system meeting the Dead Space system requirements.

The Dead Space remake release date will arrive in January.