Free games: Death Rally, Remedy’s first game, is free forever to celebrate 25th anniversary

The combat racer was first released in 1996

Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind Alan Wake and Control, is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, and as part of the celebrations, the studio’s first game has been made free-to-keep forever. Death Rally, a combat racing game from the mid-nineties, can now be yours for the low price of nothing.

Remedy announced the permanent discount on Twitter. If you’ve never played Death Rally, it’s very much akin to the likes of Destruction derby or Carmageddon, mixed with the top-down racing of Micro Machines. Races are a chaotic mix of trying to follow the track while doing as much damage to your opponents as possible. The story mode, as it were, involves making money so you can upgrade your car to be the ultimate death machine, in order to defeat the cleverly named Adversary so you can become the king of Death Rally.

This isn’t the first time Remedy’s debut has been free – a freeware version was developed in 2009, but had limited features. This one’s on Steam, though, so you have everything that comes with playing on Valve’s platform. It should be noted this is Death Rally Classic, and not the Death Rally remake from 2012. The newer version is on discount at the moment, so you can have both for very cheap, if you’d like even more literal bang for your buck.

Remedy put out the AWE DLC for Control at the end of August, an expansion which, among other things, re-introduced Alan Wake. Alan Wake and Control are part of what the studio calls the Remedy Connected Universe, and a new game is forthcoming.

You can get Control and its DLC all together in the Control Ultimate Edition, on Steam now. You can find Death Rally on Steam here. We have lists of the best free PC games, and best old PC games, if you want more gaming that won’t cost you a penny.