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Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 has big plans between its two spin-offs

Hot off the heels of Steam sensation DRG Survivor and before Rogue Core, Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 adds new weapon overclocks and enemies.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 teaser - A dwarf with a lage, grey beardr wearing a red cap and goggles as he explores a blue-lit cavern.

As its Vampire Survivors style spin-off soars to incredible heights on Steam, selling more than 500,000 copies in its first week, Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 is set up to be a big moment for the already beloved Dwarf co-op game. Teased as a prelude to the upcoming roguelike Rogue Core, the next DRG season promises a new mission type to tackle, fresh-faced foes, additional weapon overclocks, a free season pass, and even some all-new Dwarven dance moves.

Deep Rock Galactic remains one of the best co-op games on Steam – and if you want more convincing of that, you need only glance at its ‘overwhelmingly positive’ 97% rating from more than 220,000 user reviews. Following a huge recent success that saw survival spin-off Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor top the base game’s player count at launch, developer Ghost Ship Games is hard at work on its next major update, and with so many rousing cries of ‘Rock and Stone’ echoing across the internet, there’s every reason to believe it could prove to be the game’s biggest season yet.

So, what’s coming in Deep Rock Galactic Season 5? As mentioned up top, the new theme, which is currently under wraps, is designed to be a prelude to the upcoming Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core. There’ll be a new mission type, which Ghost Ship simply says “involves searching,” so we’ll let you rack your brains on what that might be, although perhaps it’ll tie into the narrative of Rogue Core.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 roadmap - Developer Ghost Ship says "this is not an exhaustive list - just what we're ready to talk about now."

We’ll be getting new overclocks for all of the primary Deep Rock Galactic weapons (that’s 12 in total) to give you additional ways to customize them to your liking. You’ll need it, too, as there are several new enemies set to make an appearance: “Some mobile, some stationary, all of them keen to kill you.”

As always, there will be a new seasonal performance pass made available for free to all players, filled with cosmetics, credits, and crafting resources to earn. Ghost Ship has already previously said that rewards such as the Weapon Maintenance mastery paint jobs introduced with the Deep Rock Galactic maintenance update in November 2023 won’t be time-locked, and it now adds that it’s “looking into a way to let players activate past seasons and play through them,” which should hopefully let anyone who came to the series with Survivor experience anything they might have missed.

You’ll also get new dance moves – “The dwarves are learning. They’re getting stronger. Their hips are becoming more persuasive.” There’ll be a new cosmetic filter system to help you organize your clothes, additional backend optimization, and Nvidia DLSS3 integration to help you boost your frame rate in a snap. Following Ghost Ship’s decision to pursue paid cosmetic DLC as it continues to support Deep Rock Galactic, there’ll also be a new set of armor on sale for real-life money.

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Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 is “on track” to launch in June 2024. Ghost Ship Games says we can expect “more news and further details in the months to come,” and we’ll be sure to bring you anything significant as it comes. If you’ve never tried it before, meanwhile, Deep Rock Galactic is currently 67% off on Steam – so expect to pay just $9.89/£8.24 down from $29.99/£24.99 if you’re digging in for the first time.

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