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Demon Piece codes May 2024

The latest Demon Piece codes for those looking for extra Beli, boosts to mastery and experience, and even stat resets for their pirate.

Demon Fruits codes: a Roblox man with goat horns standing next to two statues.

May 20, 2024: Checked for new Demon Piece codes and moved the expired ones out of the active section.

What are the new Demon Piece codes? Whether you choose to become a pirate to plunder the seven seas or a marine that hunts down boisterous buccaneers, you may want some extra boosts or Beli to help begin your adventure. However, the codes do not last very long whenever they become available, so you’ll need to redeem them as soon as you can.

Demon Piece is just one of many Roblox experiences that take inspiration from its other anime games. If you want free stuff for them as well, we have all the latest Blox Fruits codes, Anime Champions codes, and Fruit Battlegrounds codes for you to redeem. Since time is of the essence, here are all the Demon Piece codes.

New Demon Piece codes

Here’s the full list of all the latest Demon Piece codes:

There are currently no active Demon Piece codes.

Expired codes

  • 60KLIKES
  • 50KLIKES1
  • 50KLIKES2
  • 40KLIKES
  • 30KLIKES
  • 25KLIKES
  • 20KLIKES
  • 15KLIKES
  • 12KLIKES
  • 10KLIKES
  • 750KVISITS
  • 500KVISITS
  • 300KVISITS

The Demon Fruits code redeem screen along with the other settings.

How do I redeem Demon Piece codes?

To redeem Demon Piece codes, follow the instructions below:

  • Open Demon Piece via the Roblox page.
  • Choose your side.
  • Click the menu button at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Click the Cog (Settings).
  • Type in your code into the “Enter Code” box and press enter.

If the code is valid, it will show green text that says “Redeemed”. If the code isn’t correct or has expired, it will come up with a red “Invalid” message instead.

How to get more Demon Piece codes

The simplest way to get more Demon Piece codes is to bookmark this page and check regularly to see when we add new ones. We’ll do our best to update these codes with the latest freebies straight from the developer.

However, given how these codes have a short redemption period, if you have the option to follow the developer instead, you can do so by joining the Discord server. You can access this via the official Demon Piece Roblox page. You only need to check out the bottom of the codes channel to see the latest ones, but we recommend you give this a look every day or so, just in case.

When is the next Demon Piece update?

The game’s developer Kio has said that update 1 is “being worked on”, but there are no teased features yet. Looking at the announcements channel on the Demon Piece Discord server, there have been frequent patch updates to Demon Piece ever since the game’s launch in April 2024 after years of testing. These have mostly been bug fixes and balance changes, but there are more notable additions, such as adding new titles and NPCs.

Those are all the Demon Piece codes for now, but check back soon, as we’ll update this guide often with new ones as they appear. If you want more codes, there are plenty that work with all Roblox games, which you can get by heading to our Roblox promo codes guide. If the experience has a radio, enter these Roblox music codes to pump out the latest tunes.