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Destiny 2 Bluejay quest and how to gather Shellcode Fragments guide

If you want pinnacle gear, then you’ll need to know how to complete the Destiny 2 Bluejay quest, as doing so lets you complete the Nimbus weekly bounties.

Destiny 2 Bluejay quest: a huge augmented humanoid

The Destiny 2 Bluejay quest opens up a lot of possibilities for you once completed. Not only does it give you your first taste of the Partition: Hard Reset mission, but it’s likely the first avenue for pinnacle gear you’ll have access to – vital for smashing the basic power level so you can take on anything.

The Bluejay quest in the free PC game is only accessible once everything on the Lightfall mission list has been ticked off, as you need to be able to enter the Hall of Heroes to speak to Quinn Laghari, the Archivist. It’s a convoluted process, all told, but once the Bluejay quest has been ticked off, you’re able to grind the Nimbus weekly bounties for Polymorphic Shellcode to complete more Partition: Hard Reset missions for Destiny 2 pinnacle gear.

Destiny 2 Bluejay quest: a hologram gives the player a quest

How to complete the Destiny 2 Bluejay quest

Here is how to complete the Bluejay quest in Destiny 2:

  • Visit the Archivist in the hall of heroes to pick up the Bluejay quest.
  • Speak to Nimbus.
  • Destroy Vex and gather their Shellcode Fragments; you need eight in total.
  • Open a Terminal Overload Key Chest to obtain a Polymorphic Engine.
  • Head to Liming Harbor and begin the Partition: Hard Reset mission.
  • Once the Partition: Hard Reset mission is complete, head back to the Hall of Heroes to repair Bluejay’s memorial.
  • Once the memorial has been restored, speak to the Archivist to complete the Bluejay quest.

Now that you’ve completed the Destiny 2 Bluejay quest, it’s time to grind for that pinnacle gear so you can pass the soft cap, ready to take on the Lightfall raid when it’s released. If you plan on completing the Nimbus weekly bounties, it’s worth taking a look at our best Destiny 2 builds, how the new loadout system works, what’s inside the Vex Incursion zone, and the new Lightfall exotics, so you can complete them as fast as possible.