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Your Destiny 2 engrams are about to disappear

Destiny 2 engrams from vendors won't roll over to season 21, so players of Bungie's FPS game should act quickly for rewards and Legendary Shards.

Reminder: It's the last day to cash in Destiny 2 engrams from vendors: Mithrax in Destiny 2's Season of Defiance.

Destiny 2 engrams from vendors will not roll over into Destiny 2 Season of the Deep in alignment with Bungie’s recently-revamped seasonal vendor system overhaul, so players who want to reap the benefits of better weapon rolls from rank rewards or dismantle engram loot into Legendary Shards should do so before the new Destiny 2 season launches tomorrow. The season rollout will occur with tomorrow’s Destiny 2 weekly reset in Bungie’s popular FPS game, leaving players one day to claim their engrams.



Vendors impacted include Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit, Gunsmith (Banshee), Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner, though notably, players cannot cash in Iron Banner ranks when the event is inactive and therefore have already missed the opportunity to claim those rewards.

It’s unclear whether Guardians can claim War Table ‘Defiant’ engrams they earned throughout Season of Defiance after tomorrow. Historically, the ability to claim War Table engrams the following season has been inconsistent from season to season. Therefore, players would be wise to redeem them just in case.

However, as the seasonal content will remain in the game through the next DLC, people who want these seasonal items should still be able to continue to collect engrams by engaging in Season of Defiance content throughout season 21, even if they lose their stockpile of engrams with tomorrow’s reset.

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With the launch of Destiny 2 Lightfall, Bungie overhauled its engram and rank rewards systems, which also introduced changes to Destiny 2 season vendor progression. Redeeming engrams and earning rank rewards are essential parts of the gameplay loop.

Doing so can grant so-called ‘red border’ weapons, which players can level up to extract patterns for weapon crafting. Guardians can also turn any unwanted Legendary Weapons into Legendary Shards, one of the more common forms of currency in the game.

Season rank rewards reset for a variety of reasons. One is that the weapons in the loot pool for some core activities will change, so this prevents players from hoarding engrams to roll over into the following season, which would allow them to gain a head start on finding god rolls and claiming weapon patterns for newly-added seasonal weapons.

These resets may also be a simple matter of housekeeping, as many players tend to hoard their engrams due to the perceived inconvenience of redeeming rank rewards.

Reminder: It's the last day to cash in Destiny 2 engrams from vendors: Mara Sov channels her power in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance.

Players are also advised to confirm they’ve claimed their season pass ranks, as ranks will become unobtainable through the game for Guardians who fail to claim them. However, some third-party sites and applications purport to allow players to claim seasonal content from previous seasons.

If you’re planning to play Season of the Deep, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics guide in case you want to spend the next day engaging in a last-minute grind for anything you may have missed in the multiplayer game — just make sure you also allocate time to cashing in all those rank rewards, too.