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Destiny 2 Fireteam Finder finally arrives after years of waiting

Bungie reveals that the most highly anticipated Destiny 2 feature, an in-game Fireteam Finder, is finally in the works and coming soon.

Destiny 2 fireteam finder: A pale blue-skinned woman with short white hair looks to the side, her eyes glowing white

Destiny 2 is shaping up to be one of the most content-heavy online games available, with new story updates and a massive expansion in the works. While Bungie continues to prepare the upcoming Season of the Wish and subsequent launch of The Final Shape, a long-awaited feature is nearing completion. If you’ve been asking for an in-game group finder, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Bungie just revealed that one is coming in the form of an official Fireteam Finder.

There are few features out there that Destiny 2 fans have asked for as often as they’ve requested that Bungie add a party finder system to its massive space game. Following years of such anticipation and frequent requests, the developer now reveals that a Fireteam Finder system is finally on the way to make gathering a group for in-game content much easier.

Rather than using mobile apps or posting online to find others to team up with, you’ll be able to go through an integrated system similar to other games’ party finders. Bungie says that the new Finder is going to go through a stress test and beta period first to see how well the feature works with millions of players worldwide using it simultaneously.

Destiny 2 Fireteam Finder screenshot from Bungie in-game

“We’ve made a ton of progress on Fireteam Finder,” the developer says. Players will be able to create listings for campaign, crucible, dungeon, gambit, raid, seasonal, vanguard, and other content. The new feature’s beta, which starts with a stress test on Thursday, November 30 and fully takes off later in December, will hopefully “prove that Fireteam Finder scales to millions of players.”

Bungie strives to deliver a “first-class” Fireteam Finder experience before The Final Shape release date following “a schedule of multiple testing phases that progressively refine the new feature.” While the team hasn’t provided a specific launch time for the Finder’s final version, Bungie is aiming for a full release sometime in “late January.”

The new in-game Finder isn’t the only party system coming. The dev says that an out-of-game party feature is also in the works. “Both the website and Companion app will remain available until the new Fireteam Finder, both in-game and out-of-game, is ready,” Bungie reveals. The “new out-of-game Fireteam Finder that’s fully integrated with the in-game system” won’t be available during the upcoming beta period.


Destiny 2 Fireteam Finder listings from in-game in a screenshot provided by Bungie

You can learn more about the Fireteam Finder and Bungie’s plans for its beta period directly on the developer’s website. Unfortunately, the new group finder feature won’t be available to test at the beginning of the upcoming Destiny 2 Season of the Wish release date, but it will be later on throughout the season. The dev blog will keep us updated on the system’s progress and any relevant details regarding its full launch.

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