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Destiny 2 god roll Solar gun is available for F2P Guardians to grind

A YouTuber says a Destiny 2 god roll gun is among the game's best Solar primary weapons, and even free-to-play players can grind it through Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2 god roll Solar gun is available for F2P Guardians to grind: Three Guardians stand in the Tower during Festival of the Lost.

The Festival of the Lost is in full swing, and while Guardians are having detailed discussions about the merits of the event’s Mechabre sniper rifle, one YouTuber says players should also be on the lookout for a Destiny 2 god roll Solar pulse rifle that will only be available throughout the event’s duration – or at least until next year’s event rolls around in our in favourite space game.

Mechabre drops with a PvP god roll upon finishing the event’s main questline and is getting all of the attention as the newest weapon added to the game’s loot pool. However, the annual event’s loot table also includes several weapons from previous Festival of the Lost festivities. These weapons also now have perk pools containing perks that weren’t available when the weapons initially dropped, making them incredibly powerful relative to previous years’ items. The weapons include the Braytech Werewolf auto rifle, the Horror Story auto rifle, and the Jurassic Green pulse rifle.

All have practical use cases, but YouTuber KackhisHD demonstrates that the Jurassic Green, when dropped with the proper god roll, may be one of the best of the best options in the game.

When it comes to Solar PvE primary weapons, one of the best perks players can get is Incandescent, which spreads scorch to nearby targets upon defeating a foe. This quickly becomes a powerful perk for managing hordes of ads, primarily because stacks of scorch can cause enemies to explode. Paired with the fact that Jurassic Green is already a solid mid-range pulse rifle option, it is a compelling option for players to rapidly deal substantial damage.

While other Solar primary weapons can drop with Incandescent, they either are the rewards for challenging endgame content such as the King’s Fall raid or require players to pay extra for the game’s seasonal DLC content to obtain them. However, Jurassic Green is available to all players as part of the seasonal event, regardless of whether they’ve ever paid extra for DLC.

In addition to Incandescent, KhakisHD recommends Appended or Extended Magazine for increasing the magazine size and Subsistence, which partially reloads the magazine from reserves upon defeating targets. Because Incandescent’s scorch damage kills count as weapon kills, it results in a near-endless cycle throughout which the player doesn’t have to reload their weapon. This means players will never have to pause and can continuously take down enemies with this weapon, no matter which elemental subclass they’ve chosen to play.

Running the weapon with the Solar class can add even more power as some Aspects and Fragments leverage scorch for even more benefits.

Although the weapon is available for free-to-play players, they’ll still need to grind the event to have a chance at earning the weapon with a god roll. Note that the more Spectral Pages players turn into Manifested Pages and add to the Book of the Forgotten Vol. 2, the more likely they will earn weapons on runs through Haunted Lost Sectors. So, putting more energy into the activity also means players are more likely to have a shot at getting this god roll pulse rifle.

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