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Destiny 2 Resilience updates, buildcrafting details shared by devs

Destiny 2 Resilience changes are forthcoming in Lightfall, according to a Bungie developer interview that also details the space game's buildcrafting overhauls.

Destiny 2 Resilience updates, buildcrafting details shared by devs: A Guardian uses its Strand abilities in the Lightfall gameplay trailer.

New Destiny 2 Resilience changes are coming to the multiplayer game alongside the Lightfall release date, according to an interview with design leads Rodney Thompson and Xavier Durand-Hollis, and creative director Tyler Green. The FPS game will also introduce significant changes to its buildcrafting mechanics, including the ability to save ten loadouts per character for a total of up to 30 loadouts.

The team says it has reduced the cost of armour mods across the board and that, as of Lightfall, Tier 10 Resilience will offer only a 30% damage reduction against combatants as opposed to the 40% the game currently offers. However, the team has also granted more value from resilience at lower tiers. The consensus is that Resilience is such a powerful stat that most seasoned players prefer to maximise their Resilience stats over all others. This often results in otherwise solid armour being considered less effective because it doesn’t have high resilience stats. These changes should allow players to experiment with builds that prioritize stats like Mobility or Discipline.

The developers also detailed changes to the game’s elemental well system, which will be replaced with subclass-specific pickups called Ionic Traces (Arc), Firesprites (Solar), Void Breaches (Void), Stasis Shards (Stasis), and a Strand subclass equivalent. In the interview, Thompson explains that players will now be able to stack mods that provide weapons to bonus damage to grant an overall weapon damage buff as high as 22%, which is close to as high as that granted by a mod called Font of Might under the current elemental well system. Players had come to rely on Font of Might in PvE due to its powerful boosts to weapon damage.

Weapons that trigger elemental effects, such as Ager’s Scepter, which triggers Slow and Shatter, and DARCI, which causes Jolt, will now also work as counters to champions already weak to them, now stunning them.

Players will soon also be able to save up to ten loadouts per Guardian, for a total of 30. They’re unlockable by progressing through Guardian Ranks, and the game will unlock most by the time each character completes the New Light campaign. While these loadouts are specifically for character builds and weapons, future iterations could include finishers, sparrows and ship choices.

These changes reflect Bungie’s efforts to listen to its community and implement changes to improve the game’s overall health. Whether you’re a longtime player or just catching up, be sure to check out everything new in one of the best PC games available with our Destiny 2 season 19 guide, our Destiny 2 Strand subclass guide, our Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest guide, and our Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher dungeon guide.