Destiny 2 Strand subclasses for Warlocks and Titans get new names

Destiny 2 Strand subclasses for Warlocks and Titans have new names, which astute fans noticed after spotting changes on Bungie's official Lightfall webpage

Destiny 2 Strand subclasses for Warlocks and Titans get new names: A Titan Berserker in action.

The Destiny 2 Strand subclasses for Warlocks and Titans have new names, according to an update on Bungie’s official Lightfall marketing page. Strand Warlocks, formerly known as Architects, will now be called Broodwatchers. Strand Titans, previously known as Tyrants, will be known as Berserkers. The Hunter Strand subclass name didn’t appear to receive a change, so the subclass will likely retain the Threadrunner name.

Bungie will introduce its Strand subclass in into the space game in conjunction with the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date, which takes place in February. Like Stasis, Strand will be a subclass based in Darkness, adding to a repertoire of complex build mechanics that differs significantly from other popular FPS games.

Bungie has yet to share details on the rationale for the name changes.

The updates to the page show no changes to the abilities themselves. Some copy even retains the previous names in its description, which is likely just an editorial oversight. Assuming no ability changes, Broodwatchers will have telekinetic abilities that allow them to form and shoot missiles, Berserkers can use a massive claw to defeat enemies, and Threadrunners’ powers create a chain to slay foes.

Astute players noticed the update on the website, which appears to have occurred on January 9 or 10. That makes it a relatively late change, considering Bungie introduced the subclasses during a Lightfall preview event just before Destiny 2’s season 18 launch on August 23 last year. However, due to the iterative cycle of such live-service free PC games and cross-platform experiences, developers can often implement late-game and on-the-fly changes without significant extra work from a development perspective.

Players looking forward to the new Darkness-based subclass must own the Lightfall expansion, currently available for pre-order, to be able to access it.

While the game’s introduction of Strand is still more than a month and a half away, there’s still plenty to do in the world of Destiny 2 right now. If you want to get caught up on the game before Lightfall, check out our Destiny 2 season 19 guide, our Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher dungeon guide, and our Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest guide to earn the game’s seasonal exotic weapon.