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Diablo 4 beta stats let you see just how many times you died

Blizzard is sharing Diablo 4 beta stats with players, telling you exactly how long you spent playing, how many monsters you killed, and more in the RPG game.

Diablo 4 beta stats - Lilith, a pale-faced demon with stunning blue eyes, furrows her brow and glowers in anger

How long did you spend playing the Diablo 4 beta? If you’re wondering just how many demons you slayed, or how much gold you collected during the two beta weekends, then Blizzard has you covered. You can now check your own personal achievements and Diablo 4 beta stats, courtesy of a handy wrap-up detailing exactly how much you did in the beta test for the upcoming RPG game.

If you’re the sort of eagle-eyed business professional who checks their email routinely over the weekend (or you work on weekends, like some of us), then you might have already spotted a recent email from Blizzard about the Diablo 4 beta. It’s often easy to pass over these messages assuming they’re simply encouraging you to buy the full game, or thanking you for playing – but in this instance you might want to check it out.

“Sanctuary is in awe of your beta achievements,” reads the message sent out to players, which lists off a bunch of in-depth stats about what you got done during your time in the beta. These include how long you played, the number of story quests you completed, your total monsters slayed, your renown and gold earned, the number of dungeons you finished, and even – if you dare to look – your total deaths.

It’s nice to see that Blizzard is tracking this stuff so early on – it’s not too surprising that they’d look to keep these stats, as past Diablo games do much the same, but it’s lovely to reflect on them. The community is discussing some of their personal highs on the Diablo Reddit and over on Twitter, with some players racking up quite frankly astonishing play times (although a few admit they left the game idling so as not to get caught in login queues).

Diablo 4 beta stats email - "Sanctuary extends its deepest gratitude to you for committing over 14 hours to completing 27 story quests and slaying 7,217 monsters during testing. The local denizens greatly appreciate the sacrifices made to keep them safe, earning you 668 Renown while in the Fractured Peaks. This may be a time of great pain for Sanctuary, but you still made impressive gains and collected 169,454 gold while adventuring. Whether locating missing villagers or tracking down Lilith’s unruly worshipers, little excuse was needed to send you underground to conquer 11 dungeons. Protecting an entire realm is no walk in the dark, however, you kept the Necromancers in business by dying 4 times."

Several of the game’s lead developers chime in saying they didn’t see theirs, although community manager Adam ‘PezRadar’ Fletcher notes that this may be due to an internal filter at Blizzard. We’re sure they can find a way to look them up, though. Fletcher also notes that if you haven’t had an email, it may be because you have email communications disabled on your Battlenet account – although players note that they appear to still be rolling out, so you may still be in luck yet.

As for me? Despite being literally out of the country for one of the weekends, and the fact that I work during them (in case you didn’t catch that part earlier), I managed to rack up a respectable 14 hours, finishing all 27 of the story quests and bringing down 7,217 monsters while gathering 169,454 gold and taking my Rogue to the level cap.

It says I also died four times, but those were all due to experimentation… or being AFK… or running into The Butcher, I promise. Sure, it’s not quite the 114,761 monster kills and 2.5 billion gold I’ve racked up in Diablo 3 season 28 so far, but it’s an honest living.

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Elsewhere, Blizzard has shared its first Diablo 4 patch notes following the beta, with numerous tweaks to systems, class balance, and even the game’s menus and user interface following beta feedback.

Make sure you’re matching up to the Diablo 4 system requirements, as there are less than two months now until the Diablo 4 release date. Can you feel the tension in the air? Prepare yourself for Lilith’s arrival by pondering over which of the Diablo 4 classes you’re going to start your adventure on, if you haven’t already decided.