Diablo 4 Drums of the Vault bug being investigated, but there’s a fix

A Diablo 4 Drums of the Vault bug is blocking progress in Season 3 if you cannot interact with the Seneschal Brazier, so Blizzard has a fix.

A Diablo 4 Season 3 bug blocking quest progress in the new season of the ARPG is “being investigated” by Blizzard, but the World of Warcraft and Overwatch developer has a workaround while it develops a more permanent fix. The problem is preventing progression in the Diablo 4 Drums of the Vault quest, making it so you cannot interact with the brazier to upgrade the construct.

The biggest addition in Diablo 4 Season 3 is the addition of the eponymous construct, a little robotic spider-like pal who follows you around and will attack enemies, draw their attention, and boost your own skills. You can also pet them, making it probably the most important upgrade to the RPG since launch. If, however, you’ve found yourself unable to progress the seasonal questline in Diablo 4, you aren’t alone – but fortunately there’s a simple fix.

Diablo community manager Marcus Kretz addresses this bug via X (formerly Twitter). “The issue is being investigated by the team,” he notes, but says that “players should attempt the workaround until the issue is fully resolved.” This Diablo 4 Drums of the Vault bug fix essentially boils down to forcing the game to load a new instance of the area. There are a few ways to do this, and if it doesn’t work the first time, you might want to try another.

Diablo 4 Drums of the Vault bug fix - Tweet from community manager Marcus Kretz: "Updated with more accurate workarounds: disabling Crossplay; changing World Tier; fully exiting game and re-logging."

Diablo 4 Drums of the Vault bug fix

The recommended workarounds offered by Kretz are disabling Diablo 4 crossplay, changing your Diablo 4 world tier, or fully exiting the game and re-logging in. Other players also report swapping to an old, eternal realm character, then logging back into their seasonal character. Using a town portal won’t work, however, because it loads you back into the same instance you just left.

Blizzard is working on a more permanent fix, but you likely won’t want to wait until then to work on your best Diablo 4 builds for the Season of the Construct. As such, we’d recommend trying a few of these methods and you should be able to progress.

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