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Where to find Diablo 4 The Grandfather sword

Confirmed as one of the six rarest Unique items in D4, The Grandfather sword is a two-handed slashing weapon with devastating damage.

Diablo 4 The Grandfather sword will only drop after defeating Lilith who holds the key to hell in her hands with her wings outstretched

How do you get The Grandfather sword in Diablo 4? The Grandfather sword has been confirmed as one of the six rarest items in the latest instalment of Blizzard’s series. It’s not class-specific, so it’s highly sought after, especially for those that rely on huge damage output to slay their way through Sanctuary.

In order to find The Grandfather sword though, you could be in for a long ride. As it’s a Unique item, it’s the highest rarity level available in Diablo 4, but it’s hugely complementary to the best build for any of the classes. We’ve discovered how to find it, but it won’t be easy.

Diablo 4 The Grandfather sword location

To find The Grandfather, you must be level 85 or above and playing on World Tier four. It’ll drop randomly or from a chest, but you can increase your chances by completing endgame activities such as Helltide events and Nightmare dungeons.

Adam Jackson, the lead class designer for Diablo 4, confirmed this in a tweet at the same time as listing The Grandfather amongst the six rarest items in the game. This means they’ll always drop at 820 power.

Farming these endgame activities could mean a grind for several hours, if not more, but to get The Grandfather to drop would be worth it. If you’re not experienced in endgame content, check out our guides on how to unlock world tier four and the best approach for surviving and dominating Helltide events.

Diablo 4 The Grandfather stat screen showing its unique status and item power

Diablo 4 The Grandfather stats

Here are the stats for The Grandfather sword:

  • 820 Item power
  • 2,484 damage per second
  • [1,987-2,981] damage per hit
  • 1 attack per second
  • +35.0% Critical Strike damage
  • +30.0% Damage
  • +2,269 Maximum life
  • +44 All stats
  • Ignores durability loss
  • Increases your Critical Strike damage by 76%

The other properties on The Grandfather than roll higher than normal, and with such a monumental boost to all stats, you’ll be almost invincible after equipping this unique sword.

It’s account bound, so it can’t be traded, and it will always drop at 820 item power as one of the six rarest items in Diablo 4. The items description reads, “An unbroken lineage of unwavering strength”.

Once you’ve located and equipped The Grandfather, why stop there? We’ve also got guides on how to find the Harlequin Crest and Andariel’s Visage if you’re looking for an ultra-powerful helm to help you dominate throughout Sanctuary.