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Diablo 4 hotfix brings back unique items that were missing in action

A Diablo 4 hotfix is rolling out to address an issue causing missing unique items for endgame builds in the new season of the Blizzard RPG.

Diablo 4 hotfix restores missing endgame unique items - A Rogue wearing an ornate helmet, part of the new Grave Dancer set.

As Diablo 4 Season 4 breathes fresh life into the Blizzard RPG with a complete overhaul to its loot system, a new Diablo 4 hotfix is rolling out now to ensure that you can actually get your hands on the strongest endgame items. Among the changes in this latest update is a fix for incomplete loot tables that might have meant items you were farming for were in fact unattainable from the endgame bosses.

Community manager Adam Fletcher thanks players for jumping into the launch of Diablo 4 Season 4, saying, “It has been great to hear about the excitement of this season’s launch and everyone exploring the big changes that came with Loot Reborn.” It’s certainly been the shot in the arm that one of 2023’s best RPGs needed after a disappointing third season, but it hasn’t come without issues. “A late night for the Diablo 4 crew,” Fletcher writes, as he announces the launch of its latest hotfix.

Diablo 4 hotfix May 17 - Message from community manager Adam Fletcher: "A late night for the #DiabloIV crew. The team is currently rolling out a hotfix right now which will take a few hours to hit every player. No restart is required. This hotfix addresses the missing unique items from the Boss Ladder, Azurewrath's not dropping for Rogues/Necromancers on Echo of Andariel/Duriel, and the first of two fixes for some legacy gear affix issues."

The new Diablo 4 update resolves a bug causing some unique items to be missing from the endgame boss fights. In theory, repeatedly farming these fights is a great way to get your hands on the best Diablo 4 uniques. With some of them absent from the loot pool, however, what seemed like bad luck in your drop rates may have in fact been simply an accident.

Among these sought-after items is the Azurewrath unique sword, a powerful addition to several Diablo 4 classes that gives your skills a chance to freeze enemies on lucky hit. Unfortunately, it was only appearing for Barbarians, meaning that if you were farming the two hardest endgame fights – the Echo of Andariel and Echo of Duriel – in search of one on a Rogue or a Necromancer, you were destined to fail. Thankfully, this has also been resolved.

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Finally, the update also fixes an issue causing legacy equipment on your eternal realm characters to reroll its stats with the arrival of the new season. This will no longer happen if you’re logging into the game for the first time. However, if you’ve already been affected, then you’ll have to wait for an incoming update that will return any altered legacy items back to their previous forms.

Fletcher notes that the team is also working on returning missing Resplendent Sparks and Azurewraths that have vanished from the inventory of eternal realm characters at the start of the new season. The frame generation option has also been temporarily removed, as it was believed to be causing crashes for users with Nvidia RTX 40 series graphics cards.

“Thanks again for those sending in feedback and reporting items,” Fletcher concludes. “These are some of the bigger issues we are tracking right now but not all of them. We will provide updates once we have more information available.”

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