Diablo 4 will nerf your best builds in season one

Just as you've found the best builds for D4, a new update will see them nerfed to the ground. Will your favorite build be one of those affected?

Diablo 4 nerfs are coming in season 1

So you’ve found your favorite Diablo 4 setups? That’s awesome! Unfortunately for you, Blizzard has revealed that a Diablo 4 update coming with Season 1 will see the strongest builds in the RPG game nerfed, so you might need to start crafting those Diablo 4 builds once more.

Recently we spotted damage numbers filling up the screen in Diablo 4, far surpassing its predecessor D3, and the build responsible for the on-screen carnage was the Diablo 4 Shred Druid. It has been confirmed that these numbers are “unintentional” and that a fix will be deployed to calm the chaos before long.

Alongside this though, Diablo 4’s game director Joe Shely has announced that there will be nerfs to some of the strongest builds with the Season 1 release date. Season of the Malignant will introduce new mechanics, and most importantly you’ll need to start a new, seasonal character. You might be tempted to go for the strong builds you used to complete the campaign, but that might be worth a rethink.

In a Forbes article, Shely says, “We have to nerf some things some times we can’t always buff all other things,” which essentially translates to the fact that Blizzard can’t increase the damage numbers of other setups or classes to meet the devastation of builds such as the Shred Druid.

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Whilst the previous patches have focused on buffing all of the classes, it now looks like you’ll have to contend with nerfs for Season of the Malignant.

Fear not though, we’ve still got options for the best Druid build locked down, along with everything you need to know about the Diablo 4 battle pass that launches alongside the first season.