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Diablo 4 respec explained

Here's how to do a D4 respec if your character isn’t reaching their demon-slaying potential and you're looking to redo your build from scratch.

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How do you respec in Diablo 4? Leveling up allows you to assign skills to your character, but did you know you can spend some money to get them all back? Doing this allows you to try different abilities to see what they can do. In a game like Diablo 4, having an efficient build is essential if you want to best Lilith and her hordes of blood-crazed maniacs, but what happens if you put too many skill points into stuff that isn’t useful?

The best builds that Diablo 4 offers are second to none, and thankfully, there is a way to refund and re-specialize your character once your skill points have been spent. Being able to respec your character can help if you’re taking on a new area – your current build could be ineffective against a particular brand of horror – or, simply, if you’ve got buyer’s remorse about those skeleton warriors. Bone up on how to respec your character so you can perfect your Diablo 4 class and make the best Diablo 4 builds if you aren’t happy with your current choice.

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How do I respec in Diablo 4?

To respec your character in Diablo 4, go to the skill tree by pressing the A key. At the bottom of the screen, you can refund each skill point individually by right-clicking on the skill itself or take your character back to zero using the ‘refund all’ button in the skill menu.

You should see the gold cost for a full Diablo 4 respec shown within the pop-up window once you’ve right-clicked on a skill. Thankfully, refunding skill points is remarkably easy in Diablo 4, and it doesn’t cost the world, either. The cost to respec your Diablo 4 character depends on your current level, with the gold requirement ramping up the more powerful you become. Initially, it won’t cost much at all to refund skill points, so use that time to experiment and find what works best for you. Once you reach the endgame, you’re better off relying on our build guides to ensure you aren’t wasting any stat points.

Now you know how to respec in Diablo 4, it’s time to get out there and become the best you can be. The best Rogue build, Barbarian build, and Necromancer builds are a great place to start. Get all the experience you need by trawling Diablo 4 dungeons, and make sure to hoover up all the Diablo 4 loot you can while you’re at it.