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Diablo 4 respeccing won’t cost too much, Blizzard promises

If you're wondering how much it'll set you back to respec in Diablo 4, Blizzard has confirmed that you won't be burning a hole in your pocket in the RPG game.

Diablo 4 respeccing won't cost too much, Blizzard promises: A tanned woman with long black hair conjures fire from her hand standing in a dark forest

If your Diablo 4 Necromancer build has gone down a weird, dark path that has left you in dire need of a respec (I speak from experience), then I have good news for you. General Manager of the age-old action RPG game franchise Rod Fergusson has confirmed that respeccing in Diablo 4 won’t be locked behind a huge virtual paywall.

Respeccing was relatively easy in the Diablo 4 beta, and required little to no gold to do so. Things will get more and more expensive as you grow in power and build out your character, but the devs have promised that, even at the upper levels, reworking your abilities isn’t a massive coin sink.

When asked if the respecc system is “for sure going to ship in the launch,” Fergusson replies “it’s not prohibitively expensive and we’ve made it easier by being able to refund a single skill point or the entire tree at once.”

An image showing the Diablo 4 skills for Rogue

Given that my playthrough on the Necromancer was very much trial and error, I found myself having to respec quite a few times. It didn’t burn a hole in my virtual wallet, nor was it an arduous process of having to rebuild the entire tree – as Fergusson alludes to, I just removed the specific abilities that weren’t quite working for me.

It’s a really great system for those who are new to Diablo, as well as us veteran theorycrafters who spend way too many hours trying to maximise their character’s potential. It’s yet another leaf out of WoW’s book, and while it’s seemingly quite a minor feature, it makes all the difference.

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