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Diablo 4 is already set to be a haven for bizarre mounts

An array of Diablo 4 mounts have been shown off in the RPG game, as Blizzard gears up for the release date with plenty of customisation options.

Diablo 4 is already set to be a haven for bizarre mounts

Diablo 4 will have a lot of mounts trotting around Sanctuary, as Blizzard has very quickly revealed a handful of the steeds for the RPG game. While we still don’t know everything about Diablo 4 mounts, getting a good look at them in action, along with the skins we can put on them, is sure to pump you up for the Diablo 4 release date.

We’ve got just shy of 20 Diablo 4 mounts shown off in the gif below, from regular horses to demonic-looking equestrian entities, and what I can only describe as a tan zebra with a mohawk.

It’s unclear how you’ll get Diablo 4 mount skins in the full game, but the sheer breadth of choices is sure to help you and your steed look like quite the pair riding around Sanctuary, never mind with your hunting party of friends too.

If you want to discover the perfect mount for you, why don’t you try the classic game of ‘whichever mount you land on when you pause is yours’ and see what you end up with?

We also learned recently that these dashing Diablo 4 mounts don’t require campaign completion to unlock, as Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson clarified mounts will be “part of the questline during the campaign,” although we don’t know at exactly what point yet.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about Diablo 4 mounts during the game’s second beta, which Blizzard is calling a ‘server slam,’ when it launches later this month – they may very well come with battle passes, which we’ll learn about later this month.

In the meantime, you’ll want to check out which Diablo 4 class to pick and how you can make each sing with the best build possible, or you’ll want to brush up on the Diablo 4 system requirements, as we don’t want your rig falling at the last hurdle.