Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia explained

The D4 Scroll of Amnesia is a new item arriving with the launch of the Season of Malignance, and completely reinvents the respec process.

Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia: A horned demon wearing a mask of metal conjures a fiery, malignant mass in front of them.

What is the Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia? A new item announced ahead of the release of the the Season of Malignance, the Scroll of Amnesia will allow player to respec even high-level character easier than ever before, which is sure to be music to the ears of veteran any D4 players who know the vast expense of resetting your skill points. We delved into the latest D4 livestream to get all the details for the updated process.

When Diablo 4 Season 1 arrives, there is plenty of new content for players to enjoy. As you explore a post-campaign Sanctuary, you might pick up new D4 Malignant Hearts, or even come across the latest boss, Varshan the Consumed. Whatever you do during the first Diablo 4 season though, progress through the D4 Battle Pass to earn the new Scroll of Amnesia.

What is the Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia?

The Scroll of Amnesia is a powerful item in Diablo 4 which allows players to instantly reset all skill points and even Paragon Points for any character – for free. Doing so usually costs an immense amount of gold and time.

Upon reaching the max level cap in Diablo 4, you can keep buffing your character thanks to the addition of the D4 Paragon Board, an additional web of nodes and glyphs to add enormous power to your character past level 50. With up to 200 Paragon Points available to you, and the additional 58 skill points you earn before level 50, you can imagine how expensive it can get to reset the skills on a high-level character. Well, that’s where the Scroll of Amnesia comes in.

Using the Scroll of Amnesia resets all of your spent skill and Paragon points, giving them back to you to reallocate elsewhere so you can try new builds on existing characters. While you have always been able to do this, it cost a significant amount of gold, on top of the mammoth amount of time resetting each individual node and skill. Using the Scroll of Amnesia, however, makes the process free and instantaneous. It’s a pretty incredible item, then, so how do you get one?

A in-game screen showing the Season Journey, a seasonal mechanic in which you can earn the Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia.

How do you get the Scroll of Amnesia?

The Scroll of Amnesia is available as part of the Season Journey, which is available to all players.

While proceeding through the chapters of the season journey furthers your progress through the paid Battle Pass, it also moves you through the free tiers, and consists of a series of objectives. Completing each of the seven chapters rewards you with Fervor, new Aspects, and other rewards, including the Scroll of Amnesia.

No doubt you now want to get into the Season 1 Battle Pass, if not for the cool cosmetics and new Aspects, then for the Diablo 4 Scroll of Amnesia. Since you need to create a new character to join the Seasonal Realm and access the battle pass, you might want to revisit the Diablo 4 classes you haven’t tried yet, and you’ll definitely want to test out one of the best D4 builds for whichever class you choose if you want to stand a chance at taking down new Malignant monsters.