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Diablo 4 streamer beats Uber Lilith with the worst Sorcerer build

Despite using easily one of the worst Diablo 4 Sorcerer builds, Twitch streamer 'AnnacakeLive' has somehow managed to defeat Uber Lilith.

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As someone who plays Sorcerer in Diablo 4, trust me when I say some Sorcs are just built different. There’s the Blizzard Sorcerer, the Chain Lightning Sorcerer and, my personal favorite, the Ice Shards Sorcerer – but one thing that their builds have in common is that they don’t use Incinerate, a relatively low-damage spell. Throwing that caution to the wind, Twitch streamer ‘AnnacakeLive’ has somehow defeated Uber Lilith using primarily Incinerate – yes, I’m scratching my head too.

Max ‘Wudijo’ R has just beaten Uber Duriel using only blue items, but failed at the Uber Lilith hurdle – Diablo 4‘s prime antagonist doesn’t go down easily, after all. However, after hundreds of attempts to take her down using her Incinerate Sorcerer, AnnacakeLive has somehow managed to do it – and honestly, it’s amazing to watch.

I’ve followed Anna for a while, but her Incinerate Sorcerer vs. Uber Lilith shenanigans have been bringing me back to her channel every day to see if she would ever defeat the RPG game‘s toughest boss. That and her adorable cosplays – the recent cow one included.

After days spent farming up and causing chaos, it was clear that, today, Anna wasn’t taking any prisoners. In a Tuesday, November 28 stream called ‘Incinerate Sorc gonna kill Uber Lilith today,’ the moment finally came, showcased in all its gory glory below.

Anna’s Diablo 4 Sorcerer build revolves around, well, Incinerate, which is low-level skill, unlockable on tier two of the Sorc skill tree. Anna dialled it up to 11 with myriad different upgrades, but given it’s the main damage dealer (partnered with Ice Blades and Lightning Spear, so no Ultimate skill in sight), it’s no mean feat that she’s somehow managed to take down Uber Lilith.

Incinerate also involves a lot of standing still and blasting, so Anna’s build uses both Flame Shield and Ice Armor to keep her healthy – two essentials given the amount of AoE in both the first and second phases of the fight. Given you’re limited to a specific area as well, which Lilith slims down as time goes on in phase two, those shields come in clutch.

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While I perhaps wouldn’t recommend running this build if you’re looking for something that’s perfectly geared towards the Diablo 4 endgame, you’ve got to hand it to Anna. Persistence pays off – even in the woeful world of Sanctuary, so if you just took the L against the Daughter of Hatred, pick yourself up and channel Anna and her chickens.

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