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Diablo 4 Hardcore master beats Uber Duriel wearing just blue gear

Diablo 4 streamer Wudijo overcomes the Season of Blood’s final boss, Uber Duriel, in just blue gear, but can’t beat its final, hardest test.

Diablo 4 Season 2 has become all about Uber Duriel. The new milestone endgame boss, introduced with the Blizzard RPG game’s Season of Blood, is the go-to challenge that everyone wants to beat. And beat him many players have, again and again, in search of the elusive Uber Uniques he has a chance to drop. However, now one of the biggest Diablo 4 streamers has achieved the impressive feat of toppling the Maggot King while wearing entirely blue gear.

Max ‘Wudijo’ R, one of the most popular Diablo 4 streamers and the first player to reach level 100 as a solo Hardcore character at launch, has been spending his time experimenting with all manner of weird challenges in search of the best Diablo 4 builds, or just to have a good time. His latest such adventure has him eschewing all the best gear in the RPG game, instead sticking entirely to items of blue rarity, the lowest quality you can get.

Most players will almost never use blue items in Diablo 4. It’s the lowest Diablo 4 item rarity you’ll see past the early levels, and Rares (yellow items) and Legendaries (orange) are pretty much always available and offer better stats than you can get on equivalent blues. In addition to this, blue items can’t be upgraded with Legendary Aspects – meaning you’ll miss out on all their powerful modifiers that truly make builds come alive.

Diablo 4 - Wudijo shows off his 'blue rogue' after defeating the Uber Duriel boss fight wearing the lowest-rarity gear possible.

For Wudijo, who decides to stick what he knows and use a Flurry-based Rogue build, that means no ‘Aspect of Branching Volleys’ to split his arrows into wider spreads, and no ‘Aspect of the Expectant’ to gain a big power boost on his main skill by first firing off three basic attacks, which the build wants to do anyway to take advantage of the Rogue’s Combo Points specialization for even greater damage.

In addition to this, Wudijo imposes another critical restriction on his build. He’s playing on Diablo 4 Hardcore mode, meaning a single death will be the end of his character. Typically, players will use a special Hardcore-exclusive item called the Elixir of Death Evasion to grant them a one-chance shield in the event that they are about to die, but Wudijo decides he’s not allowing himself even this convenience – so a single mistake could mean his end.

Nevertheless, he manages to bring down the level 100 Uber Duriel, and with health potions to spare too. It’s no easy feat; the fight runs about five minutes, a veritable marathon compared to some of the most powerful loadouts such as the Ball Lightning Sorcerer build that can tear through Duriel’s health in something closer to five seconds. You can watch the full run below, starting around 2:01:20 in.

YouTube Thumbnail

Unfortunately for Wudijo, he’s not able to take his build much further. He tries to take on the ultimate challenge, Uber Lilith, at 3:20:00 (breaking his Death Evasion Elixir restriction for this special occasion), but has to leave the fight around halfway through her second phase as one of her skull storms clips his health to nothing.

Finally, he tries to push himself to clearing a tier 100 Nightmare Dungeon, and nearly manages to do so. Unfortunately, around 5:53:20 into the stream, it all goes wrong, and an unfortunate series of walls proves too much to handle. With no Elixir of Death Evasion once more, ‘Bluedijo’ falls, consigned to the Halls of Valor. It was a noble effort.

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