Diablo Immortal gem compensation is “adding insult to injury”

Diablo Immortal gem compensation arrives following a change made to one legendary gem’s description in the Blizzard fantasy RPG game, but it doesn’t offer much

Diablo Immortal gem compensation - the Blessing of the Worthy gem, a glimmering sphere with a golden ring around it, in front of a blurred menu screen

Diablo Immortal gem compensation promised by Blizzard following a controversy around a misleading description on one Diablo Immortal legendary gem has arrived – but it doesn’t appear to offer much for players who spent real money on the Diablo Immortal Blessing of the Worthy gem. Players called for Blizzard to offer a make-good after a change to the gem’s description in the RPG game made it apparent that it offered a different effect than initially promised.

The gem, which deals damage based on a character’s current life value, originally included a description saying that the damage was instead based on maximum life – potentially a dramatically different number. In particular, Barbarian players had been using the gem in builds that make use of a skill called Undying Rage that allows them to stay alive and continue fighting with as low as 1HP remaining, as opposed to their much more generous total health pools.

After clarifying the effect, Blizzard said it recognised “how central these gems’ effects are to players’ builds” and was “digging into the impact these issues have caused so that we can deliver compensation to affected players.” It appears that the compensation has now arrived – and it is neither targeted for affected players, nor especially thrilling in its contents. Upon logging in, all players now have an email titled ‘Legendary gem text issue’ that offers a brief apology “for any frustration” and awards two bound legendary crests and six normal gems of various colours as compensation.

Multiple threads on the Diablo Immortal Reddit confirm that this compensation is given to everyone, and doesn’t vary whether or not players spent money on the in-game bundles for the Blessing of the Worthy gem. The bundles offered various materials for upgrading the gem, and allowed players to spend over $100 in the Diablo Immortal in-game shop if all of them were purchased to rank it up as far as possible. However, despite the large sums of money that some players invested in the gem, they are still stuck with the same basic package.

Players note that the legendary crests offered are actually the Diablo Immortal bound legendary crests, so they aren’t even the most useful version of the crest that players can buy. One comments, “This is the embodiment of adding insult to injury. I’m almost in disbelief.” Others suggest that an offering of a new currency, Diablo Immortal Telluric Pearls, would be a more suitable compensation. With 80 Telluric Pearls, explains one user, “affected players could get two random five-star legendary gems and use the dust from their purchase to upgrade them.” This wouldn’t be perfect, but it would probably feel like more suitable compensation given the nature of the issue.

It’s certainly not the best look for a game that encourages players to spend real money to get the most of their builds. As one of the first instances where a change has affected an item that many players spent real money on, the community will likely be watching closely to see whether Blizzard has anything else up their sleeve to appease affected users, or whether this offering is the end of the matter. “This was their chance to show they’re listening and trying,” says one commenter, “and they failed miserably.”

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