Diablo Immortal players fret over 40-week wait for free legendary gem

Diablo Immortal players are concerned they might face a 40-week wait for a free legendary gem without buying microtransactions in the Blizzard fantasy RPG game

A new currency has some Diablo Immortal players worrying about a potential 40-week wait to get their hands on a free legendary gem of their choosing in the Blizzard RPG game. Others, meanwhile, say the new resource is a step in the right direction for players who want to play the free PC game without feeling forced into buying microtransactions. Getting your hands on the best Diablo Immortal legendary gems is a key part of the endgame, and finding the right ones is an instrumental process in creating the best Diablo Immortal builds, so having a chance to choose which to craft is a potentially potent addition.

Telluric Pearls are a new resource added in the Diablo Immortal Halloween update. Blizzard says that these can be bought with Hilts at the Hilt trader, earned “through participating in limited-time events,” or purchased with real money in certain in-game shop bundles such as Seeker’s Supplies and Rift-Runner’s Supplies. Once you have 40 Telluric Pearls to hand, you can spend them to craft one five-star legendary gem from a selection of different types.

Given that these highest-rated legendary gems are so rare that one Diablo Immortal streamer spent $15,000 in the game’s Elder Rifts before coming across one five-star rated gem, the ability to not only directly craft one, but one of your choosing, is actually a pretty powerful ability. However, there is a fairly hefty restriction on the process.

As previously mentioned, in order to craft a gem with your Telluric Pearls, you will need 40 of them. However, the main free way to obtain these – by trading for them with Hilts – can only be done once per week. This realisation has left players worried it could be deep into 2023 before they ever see their gem. Not only that, but the gems in question, while of five-star potential, are actually crafted at 2-star quality, meaning that they must still be leveled up over time (also a fairly hefty investment).

Diablo Immortal - screen showing the legendary gem crafting process using Telluric Pearls, with a selection of gems on offer, each of which can be crafted with 2-star quality and a maximum 5-star potential.

Of course, we don’t yet know whether this rate will change, or how many Telluric Pearls Blizzard plans to offer through the promised limited-time events, so it’s quite possible that there will be more avenues for free-to-play players to get their hands on some and speed up the process. Furthermore, some players emphasise that this addition is a positive step, and that they’re generally happy with the direction it moves the game in.

“As a free-to-play player, I’m cool with this,” remarks one user, “I see this as another avenue to target specific gems for upgrades.” Another says that additions such as this and the increase to the number of free Diablo Immortal legendary crests handed out on a weekly basis show that “the game is getting more F2P friendly with every update.”

Not everyone is optimistic however; some players say they worry the slow drip-feed of Telluric Pearls is an intentional design choice to tempt players into purchasing more with real money as they creep ever closer to the threshold for gem crafting. These concerns are aired alongside a reaction to some of the newest Diablo Immortal cosmetic skins only being available in the store for a limited time, which some players say they feel is an attempt to play on FOMO (the ‘fear of missing out’ on something special).

Time will tell how the tale of the Telluric Pearls plays out. In the meantime, our Diablo Immortal tier list should help you find the strongest setup, while our Diablo Immortal leveling guide should help any newcomers get up to speed in the fantasy game. It appears that some inactive Diablo Immortal clans are still managing to find their way into the endgame Diablo Immortal Shadow War. However, players left in ‘orb debt’ have been banned from Diablo Immortal PvP after their third-party transactions were revoked by Blizzard.