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Diablo Immortal update brings server merges, changes legendary gems

The latest Diablo Immortal update brings server merges, a new LTE, and legendary gem changes to the Blizzard RPG, as further Diablo 4 details are revealed

Diablo Immortal update brings server merges, changes legendary gems: A demon queen wearing a spiked crown in a Blizzard RPG

The new Diablo Immortal update finally brings server merges to the Blizzard RPG game, alongside changes to legendary gems, a new limited-time event, and fresh cosmetics, as players express frustration with Diablo Immortal gems and further details are revealed for the Diablo 4 bosses.

Diablo Immortal updates have already allowed players to migrate to different servers, but as the multiplayer game rolls on, server merges are designed to ensure shorter waiting times for raids and forming parties.

Diablo Immortal maintenance for Oceania, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe will begin on November 8 at 4PM PST – midnight if you’re in the UK – and conclude two hours later. For the Americas, maintenance will start as soon as the clock rolls around to November 9 – 12AM PST – and again, last two hours. After the end of these maintenance periods, server merges will have been completed.

12 servers in the North America 1 region and 12 servers in North America 2 will be merged. We have listed these below.

Diablo Immortal North America 1 servers being merged: Caldesann, Kanai, Eternal Crown, Deckard Cain, Zoltun Kulle, Sand Scorpions, Stormshield, Old Growth, Khalim’s Will, Purus the Decimator, Halls of the Blind, Hand of Justice

Diablo Immortal North America 2 servers being merged: Sin War, Prime Evils, Tree of Inifuss, Soul Siphon, Sandro the Mouth, The Malus, Iceburn Tear, The Worldstone, Plains of Despair, Town Portal, Wirt, Hadriel

Blizzard does not currently list any European servers that are due to merge, but does explain exactly how the mergings will or will not affect Diablo Immortal players. You will still be able to log onto your server as normal – there are no extra login steps. If another player on the now-merged server has the same character name, a number will be added to the end of each identical name, and you will be offered the chance to change your name for free.

Battle pass progress will be shared across servers and your characters will retain everything they have earned including equipment, Valor badges, and Battlegrounds scores and ranks. Your friends list will be unaffected and you will remain in the same clan and Warband. You will keep all your equipment and XP.

Some changes will take place, however. Leaderboards will be re-ranked, the recommended price of items at Wynton’s Grand Market will shift to reflect the average of the new, merged server, and the Shadow of War and Rite of Exile will be paused on the newly merged servers to “give players time to adjust”. Similarly, the Immortals with the highest dominance rank overall will become the new Immortals on the merged server, reverting other Immortals back to Adventurers. Blizzard says these players will “receive compensation befitting their previous station”.

“This change is being made so players will have an easier time finding other players to party up with regardless of the server they play on,” Blizzard says. “We will continue to monitor player populations on all servers and merge additional servers as needed. At this time, we cannot say when additional server merges will occur, but we will keep players updated.”

Diablo Immortal legendary gems are also being addressed and altered in the new update. There are now two types of gem fragment: bound and unbound. Neither can be sold individually at the Grand Market, but unbound fragments allow a gem to be upgraded without making it bound.

Upgraded legendary gems can now be sold at the Market, however, but only if they have never been equipped to your character; have only been upgraded using unbound gems or unbound gem fragments; and are rank five or below.

The latest content update will also introduce a new limited-time event, Fire Before Darkness, which is available to complete until November 23. A new cosmetics set, Unspeakable Depths, will also become available at the in-game shop for the price of 1,000 Eternal Orbs. The new Diablo Immortal update arrives as Blizzard reveals more details about the Diablo 4 endgame structure and bosses, which is designed to provide constant challenge to even the most able players.

If you’re a devout Diablo Immortal player, or planning to return to Blizzard RPG following these changes, make sure you check out our guide to the best Diablo Immortal builds. You’ll also want to hunt down all the Diablo Immortal legendary items, as well as Diablo Immortal charms, to keep yourself at the top of your newly merged server.