Diablo Immortal update 1.7.3 includes stash expansion tabs

Diablo Immortal content update 1.7.3 arrives February 7, and includes new purchasable stash extension tabs, adjustments to boss fights, and much more.

Diablo Immortal update 1.7.3: The Void Beyond cosmetic set is shown on Diablo heroes, each piece crumbling into reddish meteorites around a dark orb that radiates energy

The next content update for Blizzard’s free-to-play RPG game Diablo Immortal arrives February 7. Update 1.7.3 includes new content, new features, and some fixes to boss encounters that Blizzard has been discussing recently. There’s also a new limited time event and a new battle pass kicking off this month – so read on to find out what’s in store.

First off, you’ll be able to buy more space for your item stash once the update is live. You can unlock two additional tabs for your stash: the first can be purchased for 2,000 platinum, while the second will appear while you have a Boon of Plenty active. You can store items in this second tab while the boon is in effect, and once it expires, you’ll only be able to withdraw items from the tab and not place items in it. You’ll need to activate another Boon of Plenty in order to place more items in that second tab again.

Blizzard says it’s also making some adjustments to the invulnerable phases certain bosses have during their encounters. The Diablo Immortal team explains that, similarly to how the invulnerability phase between killing Segithus’ left and right legs was removed, the developers have been looking for encounters in which they can either adjust or remove invulnerability phases to cut down on overall dungeon runtimes.

“Boss invulnerability phases break the flow of combat, making them one of the most noticeable forms of downtime in a dungeon,” the devs explain. However, they note that these phases are often useful to control pacing and to create space for narrative moments.

“Our goal is to reduce the overall downtime in dungeons, especially during combat, but we don’t want this reduction to come at a cost to players’ experiences,” they continue. “Many of these changes result in only a few seconds saved here and there, but added up, they should be noticeable.”

The Perils of the Fen limited-time event begins February 8 at 3am PST / 6am EST / 11am GMT and runs until the same time February 16. During this event, you’ll be able to visit the terrified residents of Bilefen, a network of swamps that is under demonic attack. Help them out, and you’ll earn rewards and unlock some milestones.

The Season 10 battle pass kicks off February 16 at 3am server time and will run to March 16 – you’ll only have a few short weeks to knock out 40 ranks and challenges, but you stand to earn legendary gems, crests, hilts, and much more.

Finally, there’s a new cosmetic set called Beyond the Void. Available for all classes, it has a red meteor theme, replacing your Diablo Immortal character’s usual face with a smouldering orb that lights up headgear covered in barbs and arrows.

Also of note: several more Diablo Immortal server merges are coming February 22 in the East Asia and Southeast Asia regions. You can check the Diablo Immortal blog for details on which servers will be merging.

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