Diablo Immortal clans torn apart by server merge get legendary crests

After reports that Diablo Immortal clans disbanded after server merges won’t be fixed, Blizzard offers affected players of the RPG a small compensation package

Diablo Immortal clans disbanded - a figure in a wide-brimmed hat and hefty clothing

Diablo Immortal clans torn apart in the process of recent Diablo Immortal server merges will have to rebuild their broken groups on their own. Blizzard has apologised to affected players, offering them a compensation package that, much like recent Diablo Immortal gem compensation, has left players of the RPG game feeling rather underwhelmed.

Following the arrival of the planned server merges, several clans reported that their group had been entirely disbanded. This includes members of Shadow clans, the high-ranking squads that take part in the Diablo Immortal Shadow War and its corresponding Rite of Exile for a chance to take over from the server’s current reigning Immortals faction. While it was generally accepted that the introduction of server merges would mean tighter competition for the top spot, players weren’t expecting to be tossed out and have to rebuild their clans entirely from scratch.

A message posted by one such affected player details the response from Blizzard. It says that the issue was the result of “unexpected bugs causing a disband for your Shadow Clan” and offers an apology for inconvenience caused. Rather than offering a resolution, however, the message simply continues, “I encourage you and [your] team to gather again to protect Sanctuary.” Attached are one of each normal gem, two (non-eternal) legendary crests, one heavy austere chest, 300 scrap materials, and 30 enchanted dust.

It’s certainly not the most exciting compensation bundle, especially given that attempting to rebuild a clan which could have as many as 100 players is potentially quite a tough task. One player notes that, while any compensation is better than nothing, many reports from players who were booted from their clans say that the affected players are still unable to reform thanks to problems related to the same bug. Others remark that these tiny compensation bundles feel almost “more insulting than no compensation at all.”

It’s not all bad news, however; initial reports around the new Diablo Immortal set crafting feature implemented at the same time as the server merges have been largely positive. Blizzard community manager SinfulScribe also explains that the team is working on minimising instances of English language patch notes falling short on describing key details that are included in the equivalent Chinese language blog.

The best Diablo Immortal builds will ensure that you can climb the rankings on your newly merged server, especially when combined with the best Diablo Immortal legendary gems. Meanwhile, our Diablo Immortal tier list is a great place to start for newcomers to the fantasy game that aren’t sure which class to choose. If you aren’t happy with the server you’re on, you can also try a Diablo Immortal server transfer – just be wary about what you’ll lose in the transition.