Diablo Immortal update to reset Hero’s Journey in December

A Diablo Immortal update in December is expected to reset Hero’s Journey chapter progress in the Blizzard fantasy RPG game, worrying potential completionists

Diablo Immortal update - a female warrior leans over a figure on the ground, raising an axe in one hand

A Diablo Immortal update set to release in mid-December will reset Hero’s Journey chapter progress for all players of the Blizzard and Netease crossover RPG game. The patch is touted as the second Diablo Immortal major update since its launch, and follows on from the launch of Diablo Immortal season seven, which introduces additional server merges and another battle pass to the fantasy game.

Once again, players noticed that the Chinese language patch notes for the most recent update included some details that were not present in the English language version. This follows a similar such incident in a November patch, which saw details about the Diablo Immortal set crafting feature initially left out of the English patch notes, until the issue was raised with Blizzard. In this case, the missing details pertained to a reset of the Hero’s Journey chapter.

Following discussion on the Diablo Immortal Reddit page, Blizzard community manager ‘SinfulScribe’ responds to clarify that the recent update post has been amended to include these details. The new text reads, “Following the server maintenance of our next major update on December 14, your existing Hero’s Journey chapter progress will be reset.” It also notes that new chapters will immediately become available to complete at this time, and that any unclaimed rewards will be sent to players’ in-game mail boxes.

Firstly, this confirms much speculation that the second Diablo Immortal major update will be released on December 14. Data mining suggests that this patch will herald the arrival of the Diablo Immortal Hell 6 difficulty along with challenge rifts at level 200 and above, and will also introduce a new set of Diablo Immortal legendary gems for players to get their hands on.

In addition to this, the news that players only have a matter of weeks to complete their current Hero’s Journey, which gives out rewards including a new cosmetic portal effect and portrait frame, has left many completionists worried that they won’t be able to earn the items in time. Multiple players responding to the thread say they are close to completion but, with only three chances per day to complete certain tasks and random chance determining whether some of them can be successfully checked off, there may simply not be enough time for some players to finish.

Diablo Immortal YouTuber ‘Darth Microtransaction’ says in a video covering the data mine that he sees the Hero’s Journey reset as a “mixed bag” – he explains that “It’s not clear that it was going to be reset and [players] didn’t have the opportunity to work on it, but there’s also the argument that by resetting it we can get the rewards again.”

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It’s certainly likely to cause frustration for those who had been slowly but surely grinding out the rewards, only to find that their progress is about to be reset in a few short weeks. For the time being, SinfulScribe says they have “elevated the feedback provided [about the planned reset] to the development team for consideration.”

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