Diablo Immortal set item crafting details buried in update to RPG game

Diablo Immortal set item crafting is introduced to help players of the Blizzard fantasy RPG game perfect their builds, but limits to new items after the update

Diablo Immortal set item crafting - Izilech the Misshapen, a red demon with a large beard and three horns

Diablo Immortal set item crafting is the latest incentive from Blizzard to help players attain the best Diablo Immortal builds by manually constructing specific set items at Charsi’s forge in the fantasy game. However, clarification on the feature provided after the release of the latest Diablo Immortal update states that only items acquired after the November 8 patch will be eligible to turn into the new Fabled Wisp resource used to craft set items.

Set items are a core part of many Diablo Immortal builds – for those new to the RPG game, set items provide unique bonuses for wearing multiple pieces from a matching set, making them a great option to build your character around. However, by their nature, you need enough pieces of a given set in order to activate its bonus, which can lead to frustrations if you’re struggling to get pieces of your desired set to drop.

Blizzard says that it has been “listening to a deluge of feedback regarding players having a hard time finding specific set items,” and adds that it believes “adding the ability to craft specific set items will provide a path for players to reliably complete their sets.” However, fans remarked that the Chinese language patch notes included more details than the English notes – most notably explaining that only set items dropped after the maintenance patch will include the ability to be salvaged into a Fabled Wisp.

Blizzard community manager SinfulScribe says that this additional detail has now been included in the English patch notes blog, adding, “Apologies for any confusion and thank you for surfacing this.” This isn’t the first time that players have spotted additional details in the Chinese patch notes that were absent from the English ones, leading some players to ask why “super critical details” are missing from the English patch notes.

In October, an update punishing AFK Diablo Immortal players was spotted in-game. Players at the time realised that the change was included in the Chinese language patch notes, but not listed on the English site. This follows on from another text issue causing controversy when a Diablo Immortal legendary gem description incorrectly described its effect, leading players to spend real money on it via the in-game shop only to discover that it didn’t perform as expected.

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