Doom Eternal will see “more updates” this year

The developers have thanked fans for making Doom Eternal "a real success"

Hot on the heels of the launch of The Ancient Gods – Part Two, Doom Eternal’s senior leaders have announced that the popular FPS game will see additional updates this year, while also thanking fans for their enthusiasm and for making Doom Eternal “a real success.”

“We just released The Ancient Gods – Part Two, the epic conclusion of the Slayer arc we started with Doom 2016,” says game director Hugo Martin in a video statement posted to id Software’s Twitter account. The Ancient Gods – Part Two launched March 18, bringing the Doom Slayer’s war on hell to an epic conclusion. “Both of the Ancient Gods expansions were made entirely while our team worked from home, and honestly? It’s some of our best work.”

“Stay tuned, because we’ve got more Doom Eternal updates coming later this year,” adds executive producer Marty Stratton. Stratton also emphasised that the past year has been one of the most challenging in recent history, for both the studio and for Doom’s devoted players. “We want to thank you, the fans, for all of your amazing support.”

Here’s the statement:

The news that Doom Eternal will see additional content this year is exciting, given that Martin has already revealed that “there are more stories to tell with the Doom Slayer.”

Neither Martin nor Stratton provided any additional details about what kind of updates we can expect to see this year. In the year since launch, Doom Eternal has been running a free battle pass-style system, adding goofy demon skins and other cosmetic enhancements to earn by playing the game and completing challenges. It’s likely we’ll see more of that in the coming months, but Martin’s hint at future stories is one we’re excited to learn more about.