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Dragon’s Dogma 2 patch makes it easier to update your Arisen’s looks

The latest Dragon's Dogma 2 patch adds lots more Art of Metamorphosis items to shops, allows for multiple saves, and boosts DLSS image quality.

Dragon's Dogma 2 discoutn Steam: a young medieval woman

A new Dragon’s Dogma 2 patch has arrived that, as promised, adds lots more Art of Metamorphosis tomes to its Pawn Guilds stocks, making it easier to alter the appearance of your character or pawn after you’ve already started a new game and reducing the pressure to buy the item for cash as a microtransaction.

Developer Capcom revealed earlier this week that the next title update for Dragon’s Dogma 2 would include this change, which increases the number of Art of Metamorphosis tomes available at the RPG game‘s Pawn Guilds from two to 99, where they can be purchased for 500 rift crystals. These allow players to go back into the character creator and alter characters’ physical features, like build, sex, and facial structure. Once they’d used up the few available for sale in game, players would have to buy more in the form of microtransactions, putting the cost of each subsequent alteration at $1.99 USD / £1.70 GBP.

Not surprisingly, charging players to change their characters’ appearance hasn’t gone over particularly well – the real-money transactions for in-game items like Art of Metamorphosis tomes and ferrystones, along with its wobbly performance on PC, have contributed to the wave of negative Steam reviews Dragon’s Dogma 2 has received. This patch goes some way toward fixing that – although the Tome of Metamorphosis remains available as a cash purchase for now.

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That’s not all this patch does, however. Dragon’s Dogma 2 players can now begin a new campaign when save data already exists, which has been another source of criticism since launch. Another welcome change is that the quest that grants players their own house is now available earlier in the game, providing an alternative location to save their game and rest (without needing to pay an innkeeper).

According to the patch notes, this update also improves the image quality produced when the DLSS Super Resolution setting is enabled, and includes “miscellaneous bug fixes.”

You can read more about the source of some of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s performance problems, or check out our guide to the best Dragon’s Dogma 2 settings to make sure you’re tuned for maximum responsiveness during your travels.

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