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How to get Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wakestone Shards

Learn how to get Dragon's Dogma 2 Wakestone Shards, what they do when combined, and the location of a key item that helps you find them.

A Dragon's Dogma 2 Wakestone Shard and the Dragon's Gaze items on a blurred background of Vermund.

How do you find Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wakestone Shards? These trinkets, when combined together, turn into an immensely powerful item. With Wakestones in your inventory, you get a free revive every time you die in battle, or you can resurrect a deceased NPC in a local cemetery.

To help you get as many shards as possible in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you need a key item you get via one of the Dragon’s Dogma 2 quests: the Dragon’s Gaze. This powerful relic marks the locations of nearby Wakestone Shards items on your Dragon’s Dogma 2 map. Once you find three shards, they’ll automatically combine into a Wakestone, and you’ll want as many of these as you can hold. Read on to learn how to farm these precious gems.

An NPC you meet during Nameless Village quest, which is required to get the Dragon's Gaze item to easily seek out Dragon's Dogma 2 Wakestone Shards.

How to get a Dragon’s Dogma 2 Dragon’s Gaze

You can get the Dragon’s Gaze as a reward for completing The Nameless Village quest. Captain Brant in Vernworth gives you this mission as part of his questline, but it’s one of a handful of optional requests in which you must dig up some dirt on the false Sovrin.

Upon turning in the evidence you get to Captain Brant, you’ll find this item in the Implements tab.

A map showing the current locations of all the Dragon's Dogma 2 Wakestone Shards in the local area.

Where to find Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wakestone Shards

Once you have the Dragon’s Gaze, you only need to open your inventory and use the item. It won’t disappear and can be used as often as you want. You’ll receive a notification that any nearby Wakestone Shards have been added to the map, which the game then displays.

If any Wakestone Shards are nearby, they will show up with a distinctive red icon and disappear once collected. However, the number and location of the shards change over time, so it’s worth activating the Dragon’s Gaze whenever possible to see if any are nearby. Alternatively, you can earn Wakestone Shards and Wakestones as a reward for completing main story missions or side quests.

Speaking of precious gems, in our experience, finding Wakestone Shards is far easier than tracking down either Ferrystones or Portcrystals. So, if you’re trying to use Dragon’s Dogma 2 fast travel, you may need to save using these jewels until you really need them. If you’re just getting started, we also have guides on Dragon’s Dogma 2 vocations and Dragon’s Dogma 2 pawns to point you in the right direction.