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Disney Dreamlight Valley update awards Moonstone bundle to all

Disney Dreamlight Valley update awards all players of the life sim game a hefty bundle of Moonstones, the in-game currency used for cosmetics and the Star Path

Disney Dreamlight Valley - a character with pink hair and glasses in a purple Simba top holds a pile of Moonstones in front of Scrooge McDuck

A Disney Dreamlight Valley update has announced that all players of the life game can expect to receive a hefty bundle of Moonstones, the game’s premium currency that can be spent to earn bonus items through its season pass, the Star Path, and will also be used to purchase cosmetic items through the in-game store in the future. Developer Gameloft is offering players of the Disney game a Moonstone bundle as thanks for dealing with its early access issues.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account posted a ‘Compensation update’ to say that “As a show of appreciation for your patience as we’ve worked through a variety of issues since early access launch, we will be sending all players 2,500 Moonstones on Monday.” The tweet points out that this is enough to cover the full price of the premium Star Path, the game’s season pass, making it a fairly generous show of thanks. Players in the replies are very positive about the offer, expressing their thanks to the team for its excellent community feedback.

Gameloft says it’s up to players whether they want to use the currency for now, or hold onto them for a future Star Path, and adds, “Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your incredible support and excitement for the game.” If you manage to unlock everything in a premium Star Path by completing duties for the seasonal currency, you usually get a hefty chunk of your Moonstones back too, so it’s a great opportunity to roll it over for future season passes.

You could also hold onto your Moonstones for other uses, as they will be able to be spent on cosmetic items such as special clothing and furniture in the in-game store. However, there’s no doubt that the Star Path provides great value for Disney Dreamlight Valley players who are playing the game regularly and looking to get the most out of their experience.

Recent Disney Dreamlight Valley compensation was also awarded after a loading issue prevented some players from logging into the game. Our comprehensive Disney Dreamlight Valley guide should get you clued up on everything you need to know. We’ve also got you covered on all the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and how to cook them. If you still want more Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones, players are asking for in-game microtransactions to be enabled – though this offering should help satiate people’s need for now.