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Disney Dreamlight Valley update 1: how to download

Find out how to download the new Disney Dreamlight Valley update correctly to avoid losing your hard-earned progress in the process

how to download Disney Dreamlight Valley October update 1

Want to know how to download Disney Dreamlight Valley update 1? With Dreamlight Valley currently in early access, it’s no secret that the Disney game has come with its fair share of bugs and glitches. Some of these, such as the house placing bug we mention in our DDLV guide, are even game-breaking. Regardless, you’ll still have made some progress in the life sim no doubt, so you won’t want to lose that progress.

We’re all excited about the first update to the farming sim which will add The Lion King’s Scar to the Sunlit Plateau, and we may finally see the biome’s Ravens added to the existing Dreamlight Valley animals roster. Though we’re also due some spoopy Halloween customisation options with the latest update, don’t let your haste ruin your fun. In order to keep your save data, well, safe, make sure you’re familiar with the process below before starting your download of the Disney Dreamlight Valley update 1.

Disney Dreamlight Valley content update 1 announcement: mickey mouse

Dreamlight Valley update 1 release date and time

The first Disney Dreamlight Valley update release date is October 19, 2022, at 4am PDT / 9am EDT / 12pm BST. Gameloft has stated that these times may vary on different platforms, so don’t panic if you can’t see the update right away.

How to download Disney Dreamlight Valley update 1

  • Save your game: if you are running on the cloud, ensure you are online when you save, and if you run into issues – keep trying!
  • Download update 1: This will vary depending on your platform or launcher, but use usual download methods for your device. Do not load the game – even offline – while the download takes place.
  • Load the game, and save again: Once downloaded, Gameloft recommends loading the game and manually saving again before you start playing. If you’re playing across multiple platforms with cross-save, the developer also suggests doing this on all devices before progressing.
  • Enjoy: Now you can go ahead and enjoy the new content, as listed below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley content update 1 October: Halloween avatar items

What is included in the first Dreamlight Valley update

The main draw of this new update is surely a new Dreamlight Valley character to meet and befriend. Observant Disney fans will have noticed that The Lion King’s Elephant Graveyard appears in the Sunlit Plateau, and now Scar will take his rightful place in the hot and desolate wasteland. With a new character comes another ten friendship levels to complete, so you’ll have plenty of new quests to embark on with Simba’s uncle at your side.

With this villainous update coming so close to Halloween, of course Dreamlight Valley is getting some spooky seasonal content. So far, we only know that there will be new Halloween-themed customisation items to collect, but we’re sure there’ll be more spooky surprises in store – and quite literally in the store – once the update hits.

Hopefully you earned and collected all your rewards from the Pixar Fest Star Path, because it’s time for the second Dreamlight Valley battle-pass-like event to start. We’re not yet sure what this is, but given the other new features, it could well be themed around Halloween or The Lion King. Or both. Head into the menu, click on the Event tab, and check out everything you can earn with your moonstones in the new Star Path.

There have also been a significant number of bug fixes implemented for this update. Check out the full patch notes to find out which ones have been patched.

So there you have it, everything you need to know to safely access the latest Dreamlight Valley content update. If anything else unexpected gets added along with the new update, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, check out how to earn more Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards, in case you need some for Scar’s quests, and find out how to upgrade your house to make sure you’ve got room for all the Halloween-themed goodies.