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Dreamlight Valley shop compensation gives everyone free items

Disney Dreamlight Valley compensation gives free items to all players after an error in the game’s premium shop, and returns Moonstones to those who spent them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley shop compensation - a character with pink hair stands next to Scrooge McDuck in his shop

Gameloft announces Disney Dreamlight Valley compensation is incoming for all players after a premium shop error in the life game included items from Scrooge’s Store in real-money bundles. Those who purchased the bundles in question will have their Moonstones reimbursed, while all players will receive the items in question for free as a make-good.

The arrival of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Encanto update, titled A Festival of Friendship, also saw the much-discussed appearance of the game’s premium shop. Players can spend Moonstones – earned from chests in-game or the seasonal passes, or bought with real money – on bundles of items and other cosmetics including skins to upgrade your Dreamlight Valley house.

However, two bundles added to the premium shop this week included items from Scrooge’s Store. Gameloft explains this was accidental, and that “Premium shop items are intended to be exclusive to this shop.” As such, the Scholarly Study Set and Celestial Book Nook bundles were removed from the shop and later replaced with two new bundles, the Field Day Ensemble and Art Deco Poster Collection.

Gameloft has already announced its compensation process, and fans will be pleased to hear that they’re handling it in the best way possible. Those players who purchased the removed bundles will receive in-game mail for each bundle bought that reimburses your spent Moonstones in full. Meanwhile, all players will receive an in-game mail granting all the items from the two removed bundles, meaning no-one misses out on these goodies.

Disney Dreamlight Valley premium shop - four bundles available for sale: a Purple Cottage, Villainous Vibe clothing set, Field Day Ensemble clothing set, and Art Deco Poster Collection.

The team says it will confirm on its social media platforms when players can expect to receive these in-game mails. Regardless, this feels like a well-handled response to the situation – ensuring no-one feels left behind by reimbursing players who purchased the items but also granting them to everyone else as well.

Some players have been critical of the premium shop prices since its arrival – with some items such as house skins costing more than an entire premium star pass (the latter of which also offers additional Moonstones as rewards, meaning much of the cost of entry is effectively refunded should you complete the pass). It remains to be seen whether Gameloft will make changes in this regard, but it’s good to see that they’re responding quickly to any potential problems as they arise.

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